Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Tony Gwynn - a History (Part 6)...

The 1975 season was a milestone in the career of Tony Gwwwhat???

I just realized that if Tony Gwynn was born in 1960 and made his Padres debut in 1969... He won his third batting title at the age of 15!!! That HAS to be a record!

I love his card from the 1976 set. It really shows his playful side. Tony attempting to mimic the batting stance of, new second baseman, Tito Fuentes really cracks me up. I love that he continued the theme with his own name taped to his hat (ala Tito.)

1976 Topps - Tony Gwynn #350

This card was the first of many Gwynn cards that show his quirky side. I am especially fond of the 1993 SP card with Tony in Scott Sanders jersey. I went to several spring training games that year... I may have been there! (Wondering who the new guy, Sanders, with the sweet swing was.)

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