Thursday, February 18, 2010

V.B. Day (aka Bip-istice)

A cease fire has been declared! Peace is at hand! I made it through the Great Bip War of  2010 with nary an envelope delivered to my door.

Like a wannabe war profiteer, I hoped that this conflict would line my cardboard coffers with Padres cards. Unfortunately, no Bips came my way. No cloud is without a silver lining (excepting, of course the cumulonimbus - we all know that their linings are merely light gray.) With those Bips that I missed out on, I also managed to avoid stacks of what we now call "the lost generation".

It is with a heavy heart that I recall the spilled pulp of the junk wax. We shipped an entire generation of cardstock cannon fodder off to far away places, never to return (unless sufficient postage was not paid.)

Let us not forget the '89 Topps, the '90 Upper Deck, the '91 Donruss, the '92 Fleer, and many other cards from the junk wax era. They were once treasured members of our family, not to be discarded (pun intended, yet horrible.) 

Never Forget.


dayf said...

Genies don't willingly go back in bottles.

night owl said...

I'm sure you recall the final scene in "Carrie"?

Bip ain't dead.

Rod said...

Why is it that Padres fans didn't get bipped with bip.