Wednesday, April 29, 2009

LOST... The Retro Baseball Card Set

The staff of the New Otherton Others was one of the most respected in the Island Baseball League. Ben Linus was voted Manager of the Year a record three straight times. Unfortunately, off the field issues with the front office led to his dismissal in season 4. The bench coach, Tom, and batting coach, Pickett, were also let go at the end of season 4. Pitching coach, Mikhail Bakunin, was demoted to the Looking Glass League (AA) where the organization hoped he could teach his famous grenade ball to top prospect Walt Lloyd.

Ageless wonder and bullpen coach, Richard Alpert is the only holdover on the staff this year, and reportedly played a major part in the hiring of first time manager John Locke. Alpert has been with the Others organization since before the beginning of the league.

PRP LOST - #3 Linus (MGR)

Design based on: 1974 Topps #31 - Preston Gomez MG


Kevin said...

It hadn't even occurred to me that Tom was never given a last name, aside from the non-canonical "Mr. Friendly". I still remember how psyched I was during "Meet Kevin Johnson" when Tom showed up in New York with a boy toy. I'd guessed that he was gay well before that, based on his offhand "You're not my type" comment to Kate much earlier. It's one of the few times that I figured something out on my own.

RWH said...

Thank God Mikhail finally gets some love. An underrated coach for the Others.