Friday, April 10, 2009

The Smart Brothers...

I apologize to any of my "baseball card" readers in advance... The title of this blog IS "life on the fringes of the baseball card & music industries." So I am gonna share a little music with you. Do yourselves a favor, and check these guys out.

The prodigal sons have returned! The Smart Brothers are back in San Diego! Their '08 Summer Tour may have led them to a new home base, but for a weekend they are in their old stomping grounds. They are only playing one show. I imagine, some (weak) excuse about spending time with family on Easter Sunday is keeping them from playing more than one show. I would skip Easter with MY family to see the Smart Brothers. You would think they would at least return the favor.

In fact, my parents are flying in from Seattle today, and you can bet that I am dragging there butts out to see the Smart Brothers. (Hmmm. My mom says that they have a wedding to go to... Whaaaaa!?!? PRIORITIZE WOMAN!!!)

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