Wednesday, December 12, 2012

New Project...

Thanks to @OldHossRadbourn I have a new project.

The templates are done. I should be able to knock 'em out pretty quickly.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Mystery Memorabilia...

For my first installment of Mystery Memorabilia I bring to you a piece of memorabilia that has been in my collection for a long time. I have not seen another on the market anywhere*. It combines two of my favorite sports- Baseball and Golf**. Does anyone out there know what exactly it is, and how much it might be worth? I have a pretty firm grasp on the fact that it is a decorative plate. Is it a participation trophy? (If so, you would expect it to be personalized.) Is it something one could have purchased at the tournament? (If so, WHY?) Is there a matching set of silverware? Help me out people...

1978 Joe DiMaggio Invitational Pewter*** Plate

It measures about 10-3/4" in diameter. The "JOE DI MAGGIO '78 INVITATIONAL" is recessed. The HALF MOON BAY GOLF LINKS and logo are embossed. It is a heavy bugger, sealed inside thick plastic sheeting. The back has some manufacturing information.

Here is a small booklet sealed inside the plastic wrapper.

This is one of the stamps in the metal on the back of the plate. The other stamps are pretty small, but have the manufacturers name, a logo, and their location (Columbia, PA)

If anyone can help me solve this mystery, I would be eternally grateful****.

Too bad Joe D. and Sam Snead aren't around to help...

This is an actual photo from the '78 Invitational... And is the extent of my research.

* I have looked on eBay periodically for the last few years.
** If you include eating... Three.
*** I am not a metallurgist.
**** Meaning ACTUALLY mailing you a gift.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Oops. Missed Oct. & Nov...

I made some fun cards over on The Baseball Card Blog.

It is titled: EXCLUSIVE Pack Break!!!

So much for exclusives.