Saturday, August 22, 2020

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Friday, June 5, 2020

Loyalized Crests: Napoli

Man, that is a boring badge... It inspired me to go full, late 90s, mall kiosk. Magic Eye style!

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Monday, June 1, 2020

Loyalized Crests: LAFC

I am a huge fan of the design aesthetic of Los Angeles Football Club. I've had the opportunity to stand and cheer in the 3252 (Supporters section). It changed me as a person... it made me a better person. It gave me a football soul. The Locals aren't there yet (we may never be), but we have a goal.

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Loyalized Crests: Newcastle

When two Bum-Seahorses meet, you know there is gonna be a good time! You know, the kinda good time where two Bum-Seahorses hold up a shield, that's holding a little castle, that's holding a little golden Bum, that's holding a little flag... THAT kinda fun!
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Sunday, May 31, 2020

Loyalized Crests: Watford

Posting this one here before I post it on Twitter. "Wat" the heck are people thinking putting reindeer antlers on their pets? (For the record, supposedly, Watford is changing their crest this year.)

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Loyalized Crests: Bayern Munich

Another of Coach Donovan's former clubs. I went full loyal on this.

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Loyalized Crests: Burnley

The original is a hodgepodge of imagery. I had fun with it.

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Loyalized Crests: Brighton & Hove Albion

Other than thinning out the line work on Bum's head, I'm okay with this one

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Loyalized Crest: Crystal Palace

I was stuck on what part of the San Diego skyline would best work for this one. The entrance to Crystal Pier in Pacific Beach did the trick. Drew it from an old photo. I like to think that San Diego's "guardian angel", Bum, is weeping over PB.

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Loyalized Crests: Wolverhampton Wanderers

I needed a break after the previous two. This one was painless.

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Loyalized Crest: AFC Bournemouth

Back to back stinkers, in my opinion. I blame the original badge for this one.

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I made some small tweaks from my original in an attempt to salvage it. Didn't help much. Here's the original:

Loyalized Crests: Sheffield United

I like the Nottingham Forest one better than I like this one. That doesn't confer high praise.

For reference:

It started so easily... Bum's tail as a scimitar. Went downhill fast, and I just wanted to be finished with it.

Loyalized Crests: Man City

Went with a Jaws feel here. Spent far too much time on the small water details...

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Interesting/Creepy fact: The Smiths "Suffer Little Children" has played while I posted both this and the Man U crests.

Loyalized Crests: Norwich City

Like Rubio's made fish tacos world famous, the SD Loyal will do the same with Bum!

For reference:

(I don't mean that the club will beer-batter, fry, and serve Bum on a corn tortilla with shredded cabbage, white sauce, and salsa. I was hungry when I drew this one.)

Loyalized Crests: Man U

There are good people, people that I genuinely like, that are Manchester United fans. So much to answer for.

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Saturday, May 30, 2020

Loyalized Crests: Port Vale

Deep cut: I added the Mission San Diego de Alcala cattle brand "SD" in the lower left portion of the shield. Did you spot it in any of the other crests I have done so far? First one to leave a comment telling me where will win... a customized crest of the club of their choice.*

For reference:

* Must comment before 11:59 pm (Pacific) on June 21st to win. (I spent longer drawing the bottle cap than I did the rest of the crest.)

Loyalized Crests: Aberdeen

This iconic badge took me a while to figure out what to do. I like it.

For reference:

I love the A/goal so much.

Loyalized Crests: Leicester

The standard fox to dog redo. (I'm drawing a lot of these fonts. Jussayin.)

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Loyalized Crests: West Ham

I really didn't know what I was going to do with this one. I think I did pretty well in the end. (I spent WAY too much time on drawing the can.)

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Loyalized Crests: Aston Villa

Yup. Hate these lions. Had anyone ever seen a lion? If I haven't mentioned it yet (or if you're not familiar with the story,) Bum - The Locals Supporters Group mascot is missing his front, right paw.

For reference:

Loyalized Crests: Kaizer Chiefs

The founder, Kaizer Motaung, named the club after himself and the last club he played for, The Atlanta Chiefs. He didn't change the logo much, other than removing Atlanta and adding Kaizer. I put in an equal level of effort on this one.

For reference:

Loyalized Crests: Sao Paulo

The Sao Paulo FC crest is a little plain, but it hasn't changed since the early days. I tried not to do too much damage.

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Loyalized Crests: El Clasico

In the legendary matches between Real Madrid and Barcelona, you can always expect to be entertained. In the match-up between these two crests... at least one of them is entertaining.

For reference:

Loyalized Crests: Leon

Landon Donovan's last club* was Leon in Liga MX. My friend Victor in the Locals is a supporter too. Made this one a natural.

For reference:

Lest we forget the greatest indoor club of all time (the club Landon last played for.)