Sunday, January 23, 2011

Word Verification Fun...

I got this one over on Mark's want list site Got It. Got It. Need It.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

LOST... The Retro Card Set

Hey, somebody other than my sister likes this set. I'll keep going. Sayid is definitely underrepresented so far...

PRP LOST - #64 Sayid

Design based on: 1990 Topps Hills Hit Men #23 - Dwight Evans

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Self-Loathing at Target...

I was at Target this morning to pick up a few things. Okay, you caught me. I went to buy some cards. Shopping for cards on a budget is not much fun. What could be even less fun?

100 Baseball cards (with 10 Hall of Famer cards!!!)

You know you want a breakdown:

25 - 1987 Topps
     Highlight: All-Star Glossy Mail-In Rickey Henderson
     HOFers: Henderson (aforementioned), Tom Seaver, Yastrzemski Turn Back the Clock, Kirby Puckett All-Star, Bruce Sutter

8 - 1999 Topps
Highlight: Andy Pettitte World Series Highlight

HOFers: None

6 - 1988 Topps
Highlight: A's Team Leaders (McGwire & Canseco)  
HOFers: None, but 10 HOFers are listed on Checklist 397-528...

6 - 1989 Topps
Highlight: Cal Ripken Glossy All-Star
HOFers: Ripken (aforementioned), Mike Schmidt

5 - 1991 Ultra Update
Highlight: FOUR Ken Hill cards!!! Hill Bipped!

HOFers: None 

5 - 1991 Bowman
Highlight: TWO Colin Powell

HOFers: Rod Carew Special #1

4 - 1982 Fleer
Highlight: Steve Nicosia (Bubble Gum!) 

HOFers: None

4 - 1990 Upper Deck
Highlight: Willie McGee 

HOFers: None

4 - 1989 Donruss
Highlight: None
HOFers: None

3 - 1989 Upper Deck
Highlight: Barry Larkin (will be a HOFer.)
HOFers: None yet

3 - 1991 Donruss (series 1)
Highlight: Alan Trammell (should be a HOFer.)
HOFers: None, unfortunately

2 - 1986 Topps
Highlight: None
HOFers: None

2 - 1990 Ames All-Stars
Highlight: Wait for it...
HOFers: TWO Dave Winfield!

2 - 1991 Score
Highlight: Jeff Shaw ROOKIE!
HOFers: None

2 - 1993 Upper Deck
Highlight: None
HOFers: None

2 - 1991 Upper Deck
Highlight: None
HOFers: None

2 - 1996 Donruss
Highlight: None
HOFers: None

1 - 1985 Donruss (Beautiful set!)
Highlight: Bill Russell (I'm lookin' at you GCRL)

HOFers: None

1987ish Baseball's All-Time Greats
Highlight: None
HOFers: Ed Walsh (I think this is my first Ed Walsh card. Yay.)

1 - 1996 Topps
Highlight: Chris Gomez (Pre-Padres Version)
HOFers: None 

1 - 1996 Fleer
Highlight: None
HOFers: None

1 - 1995 Megacards Babe Ruth 100th Anniversary
Highlight: None
HOFers: SURPRISE! Babe Ruth (Colorized Red Sox pitching prospect)

1 - 1989 K-Mart Dream Team
Highlight: Tony Gwynn, duh!
HOFers: T. Gwynn!

1 - 1993 Stadium Club
Highlight: None
HOFers: None

1- 1988 Donruss
Highlight: That there was only ONE 1988 Donruss
HOFers: None

1- 1989 Donruss
Highlight: That there was only ONE 1989 Donruss
HOFers: None

1 - 1989 Bazooka Shining Star
Highlight: Canseco
HOFers: None

1 - 1993 Donruss Triple Play
Highlight: Padres ACTION!!! (Looks like Mike Maddux. Whatcha think Rod?)
HOFers: None

1 - 1996 Pinnacle
Highlight: None
HOFers: None

1 - 1998 Pinnacle 
Highlight: Barry Bonds All-Star
HOFers: Ugh. None yet.

1 - 1990 Bowman
Highlight: Randy Johnson
HOFers: None yet

1 - 1988 Topps American Baseball (I love this set! The use of team wordmarks makes any set better.)
Highlight: Wait for it...
HOFers: Cal Ripken

- Exactly 100 cards (bonus for accuracy)
- 14 Hall of Famers (Four bonus HOFers!)
- Hours of entertainment for $4.99 + tax 

Friday, January 7, 2011

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Bip Bucks...

In a New Year's resolution fueled fervor, I am putting in extra effort to get rid of some of my collection. I am renting a shelf at one of my LCS (Joe S. from Priceless Pursuit frequents the shop, so I'll be sure to include plenty of cheap game-used cards.)

The thought of parting with some of my collection is a little tough for a hoarder like me. I figure this is an important step. Straight up selling doesn't really appeal to the collector in me, so I think I've found a way to soothe the hurt.

I am offering customers the opportunity to use Bip Roberts cards as coupons! At $.25 per each different Bip, I hope people can get some pretty good deals. I'll keep you up to date on the status of "the little shelf that could."