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Monday, March 30, 2009

Fantasy Baseball Rumors...

Word around the campfire, Thoughts and Sox management is looking to make a splash in the preseason trade market. My sources say that Brad Hawpe, Denard Span, Kazuo Matsui, Paul Konerko, and Melvin Mora have all been mentioned in trade talks.

When asked about the trade rumors, AdamE, GM of Thoughts and Sox, had no comment.

Off the record, he offered to trade all five to Los Pintadores de Punkrock for three maple bats and a dozen baseballs.

On the record, AdamE vehemently denies any such trade offer, and questions if the reporter knows what off the record means.

Off the record, we here at The PunkRock Press have no idea what off the record means. We draw pictures; we don't report the news.

On the record, AdamE called us idiots.

Card Blog League - Transactions...

Since you are all on pins and needles waiting. Here they are:

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Big Lebowski Set...

Rest in peace Theodore Donald 'Donny' Kerabatsos. Rest in peace.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Uni Watch (Submittals)...

The Mojave Roadrunners of the Card Blog League have submitted uniform designs for approval by the Commissioner's Office. Although submitted without full design schematics, it is likely that the concept art will pass easily through review. The designs are as follows:

PunkRockPaint commentary: We are fans of the overall design, specifically the away uniform colors. We would not have used the white lettering without a drop shadow... BUT, in this case, the effect of the plain white lettering is quite nice. We can only hope that the Roadrunner logo will be chain-stitched.

Although the Commissioner's Office is busy rounding up free agents for their personal Fantasy Baseball team, the Card Blog League's Design and Propaganda Department is actively producing style guides for teams unable to submit proper uniforms before the beginning of the season.

Proper formatting for submittals:

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Big Lebowski Set...

Man, this set is getting HUGE! I am glad I can be a small part of a big machine. What I lack in quantity, I hope to make up for in quality.

Not to name drop... but none other than Josh Wilker called me a "photoshop master"!!! I love his blog. It was only the third blog I ever added to my favorites. (I won't mention what the first two were. Heaven forbid they get big heads.) Third on the list... first in my heart. Cardboard Gods was the one of the first blogs to ever see my work... I think I have gotten better.

(click on photo for reference... and a great story!)

If Josh ever reads this... Photoshop is for babies. MS Paint ROCKS!!!

Uni Watch (Plans change edition)...

I had planned to design and post a complete set of uniforms for each team in the Fantasy Baseball Card Blog League before the draft. The draft has come and gone, and I have not had the chance to create any new ones recently.

Luckily, Dayf saved me the effort... Kudos for using the proper formatting. Well done, indeed.

I will make sure teams are outfitted prior to the beginning of head-to-head matchups on the 29th. Maybe...

Monday, March 23, 2009

Big Lebowski Set...

The black and white photos in the prospects subset always felt strange to me. I believed that Topps was trying to pull one over on me...

Now, I believe in nothing! And tomorrow we come back and we cut off your chonson.

Uni Watch (Update)...

Tribecards Trundles
and I quote:
"Man, my teams doesn't even HAVE uniforms! sorry folks, but my team will be sporting their skivvies, I guess."
- Dave (General Manager, Tribecards Trundles)

Uni Watch...

Three down, Nine to go... I doubt I can get them all done tonight, but I will try.

Thoughts and Sox

Tastes Like Dirt

Pintadores de Punkrock
The Draft for the 2009 Baseball Card Blog League is tomorrow evening. For all of you involved... Be Prepared.

Big Lebowski Set...

Saturday, March 21, 2009

In the ballpark...

Instead of coming here, we at PunkRockPaint, Inc. recommend you go to more reputable source for your sneak peeks...

I really can't believe they didn't run with my ideas... Maybe I will boycott A&G this year... or not.

(I was pretty close on the frame design... I like the addition of the Allen & Ginter info in the lower corner on the real one.)

Friday, March 20, 2009

Big Lebowski Set...

In reference to this... Which followed this...

I give you this:

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Turns out...

I was under the impression that this was an inside joke... I guess the joke was on me! I just bought this card from CheckOutMyCards:

1960 Topps - Aftab McGoo #900 (RC)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Blog Bat Around #5

Of course, number five always reminds me of this. For the fifth Blog Bat Around, I would like to share the best experience I have ever had acquiring memorabilia.
If you have read this blog before, you probably are aware of my undying love for the San Diego Padres. The heart and soul of the Padres is Tony Gwynn. My collection is rather Tony-centric. Back in '99 when Tony was on "the road to 3000" hits, a local furniture store sponsored a mobile display of Gwynn-abilia. A semi-trailer was converted into a museum of all things Gwynn. Tony provided most of the displays: Gold Gloves, Silver bats, Game-used items of all types, and a cool display wall of hundreds of baseball cards.

The semi-trailer was stationed in the parking lot of Qualcomm Stadium (formerly Jack Murphy Stadium) as Tony rapidly approached 3000 hits. On the first day of the display, I waited in line for an hour, and spent the next hour admiring (read: plotting how to steal) the amazing cache of memorabilia.

Emerging from the shrine, I was temporarily blinded by the bright afternoon sun. As my vision returned I was greeted by another amazing sight. At the exit of the trailer, a few tables and display cases were set up chock full of game-used Tony Gwynn gear. The proceeds from the sale would go to The Tony and Alicia Gwynn (TAG) Foundation.

I love helping a good charity, and TAG does some great work here in San Diego. Unfortunately, my charitability is severely limited by the size of my wallet. Seeing all the autographed jerseys and bats from my favorite player, and knowing I couldn't afford them was torture.

As I eyeballed a game-used, autographed uniform (complete with cleats,) I noticed that the woman behind the display was none other than Tony's Godmother. (How did I recognize Tony Gwynn's Godmother? Did I mention that I am a HUGE Tony Gwynn fan? These are the type of things an obsessive fan NEEDS to know.)

I weaved my way around my fellow window shoppers, and approached the kind-looking, smiling woman. I approached from her side and quietly said, "Your Tony's Godmother, aren't you?"
She quickly glanced my way with a puzzled look. Her confusion changed almost instantly into a feigned look of recognition. (I guess my Padres polo shirt must have made me look like an employee.) She greeted me warmly and asked if I needed help with anything. I told her that we had met once before, and asked her how she was doing. I was sure she didn't remember me. She said she had been well, and asked, like a long time friend, how my family was. We chatted for a while. The whole time I was stealing glances at all the amazing gear that was available in the cases and on the tables. She smiled and said, "What are you gonna get? Bat? Shirt?"

I laughed and told her I would love to get a bat, but I didn't have nearly enough money (they ranged from $600 to $1000!). What she said next still echoes in my mind and brings a smile to my face...
"Sweetheart, I know the owner. I can make you a deal."

I told her I would check to see what the ATM would give me and be right back. I sprinted across the parking lot to the ATM near the ticket windows. Crossing my fingers must have helped as I checked my balance. I had a whopping $190 and change in my account. I decided to leave myself a comfortable cushion, and withdrew $160.

Hoping that eight twenty dollar bills would be enough to get me a game-used, autographed ANYTHING, I hurried back to the sale. When I arrived (slightly out of breath) I told Tony's Godmother that, unfortunately, my $160 wouldn't be enough to buy a bat. She smiled, waved her hand toward the bats, and asked which one I wanted.

My jaw dropped to the floor! I think I asked, "Seriously?" at least a dozen times as I picked up and admired each bat. It wasn't an easy decision, but I couldn't have made a bad choice. In the end, I chose this one...

Tony's Godmother also threw in a pair of game-used, autographed batting gloves. A week later, I got the certificates of authenticity in the mail. They are the first Alicia Gwynn autographs in my collection. I love my autographed, game-used Tony Gwynn bat, and I love my fairy Godmother... err... Tony's Godmother.

Since I don't normally take photos for my blog, I decided to snap a few extras...

This is the display case my friends Jim and Barbara gave me for Christmas.

My super-disorganized Tony Gwynn shrine. It looks like there has been some non-Tony build up lately. I really need to clean up.

This is why my side of the closet seems so small... Thankfully, non-Padres cards go in the garage.

Friday, March 13, 2009

An Active Fantasy Life...

Introducing the home and away uniforms for the 2009 Pintadores de Punk Rock from the Yahoo! Head-to-Head Fantasy Baseball - Card Blog League.

2009 Pintadores de Punk Rock

Monday, March 9, 2009

Favorite Players - Dodgers Edition (blecch!)

As a Padres fan, it would have been okay to pick three dodgers that suck. But, no. I am taking the high road. I actually like a lot of dodgers players. I just don't like dodgers fans (certain folks excluded.)

Robinson and Koufax were around before my time, so they get a free pass. Fernando played for my Padres, so he is acceptable. My mom told me that "if you don't have anything nice to say, you must be talking about the dodgers."

3D... Hmmmm...

From the New York Times comes word of Topps Town 3D cards. Interesting concept... If I had a web cam and a Topps Town account I might try it once...


Has anyone out there done this yet? Is it available yet?

Friday, March 6, 2009

Favorite Players - Phillies Edition

The two on the bottom are no brainers.
Mike Schmidt announced his retirement in San Diego. Word around the campfire is that he was a pretty decent ballplayer.
John Kruk came up with the Padres. He, Marvell Wynne, Sr., and Tony Gwynn hit back-to-back-to-back homeruns to lead off a game in 1987. He is also mentioned in my favorite Steve Poltz song. My favorite memory of John Kruk is at Tony Gwynn's final game in 2001. I was lucky enough to get a pass to the V.I.P. tent for a pre-game party. As I got to the front of the long line for the bar, the guy behind me in line tapped me on the shoulder and told me not to get ALL the beer. That guy... was my friend Jeff. As we left the bar, Jeff backed into John Kruk, spilling Krukie's over-filled buffet plate onto the floor. Sweet.
Back in 1985, my friends and I made up a great baseball game using baseball cards and a 20-sided die (um... We stole the die from some nerds we had beat up earlier.) While my less card-centric friends used any-old cards they had, I culled my team from my stack of shiny new 1985 Topps cards. The only team I had that was close to complete was the Phillies. Unfortunately, I was short an outfielder. I was able to trade a couple of doubles for my buddy's Jeff Stone card.
Despite lagging far behind Juan Samuel in real-life stolen bases and Mike Schmidt in real-life home runs, Stone led my team in every offensive category for our 20 game season. He will always be one of my favorite Phillies.

Favorite Players - Red Sox Edition

All three of these should make sense to the outside observer. Ted Williams is heads and shoulders above the other two. He's a San Diego boy. Not to mention, I live off of Ted Williams Parkway.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

In Lieu of pictures...

I am sorry that I was forced to remove the Allen & Ginter preview. My source said it would acceptable if I shared some of the pending checklist:

Cabinet Cut Autographs - Great Canadians Subset
GCAGB- Alexander Graham Bell
GCAM- Anne Murray
GCBA- Bryan Adams
GCBO- Bobby Orr
GCBH- Bret "The Hitman" Hart
GCCB- Dr. Charles Best
GCDC- Don Cherry
GCFB- Frederick Banting
GCGL- Gordon Lightfoot
GCJIC- Jim Carrey
GCJOC- John Candy
GCJMI- Joni Mitchell
GCJM- John Molson
GCJN- James Naismith
GCLS- Lord Stanley of Preston
GCMJF- Michael J. Fox
GCMM- Mike Meyers
GCNY- Neil Young
GCST- Shania Twain
GCTD- Tommy Douglas
GCTH- Tim Horton
GCWG- Wayne Gretzky
GCWS- William Shatner


GCDSB- Dual Cut- Rick Moranis & Dave Thomas

Post Removed...

I guess I didn't have permission to post the preview of Allen & Ginter. I have been asked to remove my previous post. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Favorite Players - Pirates Edition

My next team (in no particular order) is the Pittsburgh Pirates. My last little league team was the Pirates, so I have a special place in my heart for the Buccos.

How can anyone not love Roberto Clemente? No list of Pirates favorites would be legit without Clemente. Same "no-brainer" category as Tony Gwynn.

Willie Stargell was the first (non-Padres) player I remember being a fan of. I got the chance to meet him in the late '80s. He was friendly and ridiculously generous with his time and signature. Somewhere I have a 1983 Fleer card autographed by him. It will be donated to the 83 Fleer Project as soon as I find it. The '79 World Series was the first World Series that I remember watching. We are Family, me and Pops.

Mike LaValliere... Come on! Spanky! Gotta love him! If Bonds didn't have such a rag arm, Bream was OUT!!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Jumping on the Bandwagon...

I know a good idea when I see it. Night Owl, followed by I Heart Halos, started some great lists. I LOVE making lists!!! Especially "to-do" lists... and not following through.

I have decided to create a list of my three favorite players for each Major League Baseball Franchise.

I will try to complete the list by opening day...

Up first MY San Diego Padres:
Tony is the obvious choice. One of these days, I will post the crown jewels of my Tony Gwynn collection. (I will put it on my list of things to do...)

Mike Darr was one of my favorite young Padres at the turn of the century. He had a ton of potential, and was a genuinely nice guy. Sadly, on the eve of Spring Training 2002, Mike and a friend were killed when he was driving drunk and crashed his car in Peoria, AZ.

To me, Enzo Octavio Hernandez (Martinez) epitomizes the Padres' futility in the first dozen or so years after expansion. In 1971, he was the Anti-Triple Crown winner, finishing last (of batting qualifiers) in the three Triple Crown statistics, with a .222 BA, 0 HR, and 12 RBI.

Leading off for your San Diego Padres, shortstop, number eleven, Ennnnnnnnnzo Herrrrrrnannnnnndez!!! (It gives me chills.)