Wednesday, March 31, 2010

2010 Heritage Blaster League...

From the brain of Dayf, to the pages of PunkRockPaint:

You can check out the full rules here. (Summary: Buy a blaster of 2010 Topps Heritage SRP $19.99; Pick a fantasy team from the 64 cards; Let Dayf figure out the winner at the end of the season.) From this break, I’ll assemble my fantasy team, composed of the following:

2 Catchers
1 First Baseman
1 Second Baseman
1 Shortstop
1 Third Baseman
3 Outfielders
1 Corner Infielder (1B or 3B)
1 Middle Infielder (2B or SS)
1 Outfielder
1 Utility (Any position player or DH)
7 Pitchers (Starters or relievers)
1 Manager (least amount of losses- Optional)
1 Team (most amount of wins- Optional)

We are only allowed to use one SP All-Star type card, so the team will be the base, non-chrome, non-insert cards. Here we go!

Blaster Number: 0490511

Pack #1
418 J. Thome 1B
80 M. Cuddyer 1B-OF
200 J. Vazquez P
90 G. Floyd P
51 Tigers Team
NF6 23rd Amendment
121 J. Lackey P
232 M. Scherzer P

Pack #2
125 D. Hernandez P
191 T. Hafner DH
45 E.R.A. Leaders
405 L. Gehrig
203 Indians Team
312 H. Matsui HL
429 T. Lincecum P
387 J. Niemann P

Pack #3
350 S. Podsednik OF
412 J. Saunders P
322 Michael Dunn P
399 Jason Bartlett SS
189 3rd Series Checklist
BF8 Aparicio
299 Derrek Lee 1B
254 Chris Davis 1B
Pack #4
251 Jarrod Washburn P

295 R. Ankiel OF
215 Derek Jeter SS
NAP3 Gordon Beckham 2B
151 Brad Kilby P
388 John Smoltz P
331 Kyle Blanks OF (Padres!)
277 Coco Crisp (Delicious!)
Pack #5
348 Julio Borbon OF
240 Y. Betancourt SS

79 A.J. Pierzynski C
19 Alex Rodriguez 3B
425 Marcus Thames OF
NF4 Venera 1
157 M. Buehrle P
239 Derek Lowe P

Pack #6
265 Dexter Fowler OF

366 Cap'n Cheeseburger P

37 Curtis Granderson OF
38 Rafael Furcal SS
122 Cubs Team
249 Reds Team
491 Jason Bay AS OF
292 Jhoulys Chacin P

Pack #7
198 C. Iannetta C

88 Alfonso Soriano OF
134 J. Riggleman MGR
NAP1 Justin Upton OF
310 C. Utley HL 2B
354 Twins Team
77 J.A. Happ P
146 J. Willingham OF

Pack #8
43 HR Leaders
403 Jackie Robinson 1B
162 Johnny Cueto P
282 Koji Uehara P
423 6th Series Checklist
BF10 Angels & Senators
291 Fernando Martinez OF
223 J. Leyland MGR

Presenting your 2010 (insert clever team name here)!!!

2 Catchers: #198 Iannetta, Chris;  #79 Pierzynski, A.J.

1 First Baseman: #299 Lee, Derrek

1 Second Baseman: #310 Utley, Chase (World Series HL... Dayf, Ruling please? It was my only 2B...)

1 Shortstop: #215 Jeter, Derek

1 Third Baseman: #19 Rod, A.

3 Outfielders: #331 Blanks, Kyle; #37 Granderson, C.; #80 Cuddyer, M

1 Corner Infielder (1B or 3B): #254 Davis, Chris

1 Middle Infielder (2B or SS): #399 Bartlett, J.

1 Outfielder: #146 Willingham, J.

1 Utility (Any position player or DH): #191 Hafner, Travis

7 Pitchers (Starters or relievers):
     #429 Lincecum, Tim
     #366 Sabathia, CC
     #121 Lackey, John
     #200 Vazquez, Javier
     #157 Buehrle, Mark
     #412 Saunders, Joe
     #77 Happ, J.A.

Manager: #223 Leyland, Jim
     #403 Robinson, Jackie
     #405 Gehrig, Lou
     #BF8 Aparicio, L

Advanced Scout: Venera 1... Oh, yeah!!!

In summary: One of the best team you can buy for $21.74 (CA sales tax incl.) Saves may be tough to come by...

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Million Cards... The Joy of a Completed Collection...

Here's my collection... so far...
In condensed form...

Million Card Trade...

A couple of weeks back, I entered a code and revealed a 1977 Mets team card. That damn card is popular. I have received numerous trade requests for it. Not to beat a dead horse, but I am not a big fan of the trade interface on the Million Card Giveaway site. It would be great to be able to make trade counter offers, and see other peoples' collections. Of course, I can understand the issues that might be encountered: contest collusion, saving on shipping, etc.

I had received a few good offers. Sean (slangon) from Condition: Poor was one of the best. The card he offered sucked, but I am a big fan of his work. It was great to know the email address of a possible trade partner. I agreed that if I didn't receive a decent offer, I would have the card shipped, and send it to him as a gift. (I think I may have promised it to someone else too... Oops.)

Not wanting to disappoint both people I had promised the card to; I decided to disappoint both of them. It was for a good reason, though. I received a mildly intriguing offer for the Mets card this morning. Two cards, both awesomely goofy were offered as trade bait. I would have declined the trade and honored my promise(s), but for one thing...

This guy used his email address as his screen name! Awesome! I sent him an quick message, thanking him for his inspiration (possible mistake?)

How great would it be to be able to work out trades (even after shipping) with fellow Million Card junkies!!! Well I think it would be cool. Anyway, here are the two cards I got for my '77 Mets card.

I would have accepted this trade based on the awesomely horrible, cartoon hat on Kessingers dome. In combination with the look on Sammy Stewart's face, I couldn't resist!

Someone with more blog exposure should start accepting screen name = email address combinations, and create an area on their blog where they can be referenced.

I'll be the first to volunteer (Go SDSU Aztecs!)... punkrockpaint =


I just recieved the following in an email from my trade partner:

"I put my email as my user name so people could negotiate. i try to offer fair trades but sometimes they need tweeked and you hate loosing a good trade just for not knowing what someone wants."

Good to know that there are thinkin'-type people out there. Thanks, Jess!

UPDATE #2!!!

I have received 3 offers for the Kessinger card in the last 2 hours! (and apparently Sammy Stewart is a felon - Thanks, Capn')

In October 2006, Stewart began serving an eight-year sentence in a North Carolina prison on a felony drug charge, having been convicted as an "habitual felon". He has been charged 46 times with more than 60 offenses since 1988, and has spent 25 months in prison over six separate stints.
From Wikipedia

Monday, March 15, 2010

Your 2010 Pintadores de Punk Rock...

Pictured in the new Pintadores Park
Currently under construction in Google Sketch Up
The Line-up:

Hanley Ramírez

(Fla - SS)

Justin Upton

(Ari - OF)

Mark Reynolds

(Ari - 1B,3B)

Dan Uggla

(Fla - 2B)

Carlos Peña

(TB - 1B)

Hunter Pence

(Hou - OF)

Raúl Ibañez

(Phi - OF)

Alfonso Soriano

(ChC - OF)

Miguel Montero

(Ari - C)

Drew Stubbs

(Cin - OF)

Chris Carpenter

(StL - SP)

Johan Santana

(NYM - SP)

Mariano Rivera

(NYY - RP)

Heath Bell

(SD - RP)

Neftali Feliz

(Tex - RP)

Ben Sheets

(Oak - SP)

Brandon Webb

(Ari - SP)

Aaron Harang

(Cin - SP)

Mike González

(Bal - RP)

Clay Buchholz

(Bos - SP)

Octavio Dotel

(Pit - RP)

Kerry Wood

(Cle - RP)

Matt Capps

(Was - RP)

Six Closers, Five Starters, One dominant set-up man (possibly #5 starter in Feliz)
I went pitching heavy. I really needed to with the likelyhood that most of my starters will end up on the DL... I think I gave myself a legitimate shot at the playoffs.
What do you think?

Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Card Blog League Draft Order is GO...

Draft Order:

1. Tastes Like Dirt

2. Pintadores de PunkRock

3. Bobby's Cox

4. Chingones

5. Jacobmrleys Chain

6. Chico's Bail Bonds

7. Grabowski Shuffle

8. Thoughts & Sox

9. Tribecards Tyrants

10. Roadrunners

11. The Nennth Inning

12. RustyKuntz Fun Bunch

The Card Blog League Draft is GO...

5:45 PDT, about 5-1/2 hours from now, the second annual league draft will take place.

I am totally unprepared...

I guess I'll get started with preparations in a couple hours.

That is all.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

I Was There... (Bipped - Live)

Contrary to what Joe from The Priceless Pursuit stated in his post, the Bipping I bestowed upon him at the "weakly" card show last Friday WAS NOT the first in-person Bipping!

Upon first meeting Joe in the parking lot, he handed me a couple of junk wax packs ('90 and '91 Topps). Much like a Japanese salaryman presenting his business card, Joe placed the packs in my hand. I was so eager to give my Bipping to him, I carelessly tossed his gift on the passenger seat of my car.

After suffering through all six tables at "the show", Joe and I parted ways. As we headed toward the parking lot, we exchanged goodbyes. Joe wished me well, and expressed his hope that I "enjoy the junk wax."

Oh, noooooooooo!!!

Blinded by my own Bip giving, I didn't realize that it could be me that was the Bippee.

The packs didn't appear tampered with:


Joe eased the Bip-burn with a couple of nice Padres relics.

As a Bipper, Joe is one-of-a-kind. As a blogger, one-of-the-kindest.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Cardboard APB...

Crap news.

Rule #1- You don't steal from The Troll.

Rule #2- See Rule #1

Keep your eyes open, people.

The Card Blog League is... Full.

A hearty howdy to the newest team: RustyKuntz FunBunch. Co-managed by Beardy and SpastikMooss, this new organization is sure to set the league on fire. In the meantime, they really should get crackin' on designing some uniforms. Here are some designs from last year:

An Old-Timey Classic: 4-Fingered McGee's Chingones

White Sox Activism: Grabowski Shuffle

Linci-licious: The Nennth Inning

This style guide does show the denim warm up jackets... I'll fix that this year.

Hopefully, these guys don't trick me into running off a cliff again this year.

Working-Class Bay Area Chic - Tastes Like Dirt


I was stoked that he used this in his blog header...

Design Perfection by Dayf

This is what the Tribecard Trundles wore in the cellar last year... This year I predict tuxedos!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

A day late...

We can all do this...

We SHOULD all do this...

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

LOST... The Retro Baseball Card Set

I am really getting lazy with these things... The last couple of episodes have been lackluster in my opinion. So here is a lackluster card to match:

PRP LOST - #55 Dogen

Like Ichiro, he rolls with only one name. Like Elvis... HE LIVES!

Monday, March 1, 2010

The Card Blog League is GO (minus 1)

Fortunately, there is a spot available in The Card Blog League.

Fortunately, there are two good candidates to join the league.

Unfortunately, neither candidate is still available.

Fortunately, Beardy and SpastikMooss both want to play.

Fortunately (for Beardy), he asked first.

Unfortunately (for Beardy), SpastikMooss remembered to call "Shotgun".

Unfortunately (for me), a decision must be made. The draft is in two weeks.

Fortunately (for me), I don't have to make the decision. Matt F. from Heartbreaking Cards of Staggering Genius is this year's honarary commissioner! (He was given the role when he opted not to play in the league this year. Suckah!)

Unfortunately (for Commissioner Matt), he needs to make the decision.

Fortunately (for Commissioner Matt), he can come up with some wildly awesome, mildly degrading way to decide the "winner".

Unfortunately (for everyone involved), hearts will be broken.

(Feel free to include your bribes for the Commish in the comments below.)

I Was There...

It was a beautiful thing to witness live! Joe over at The Priceless Pursuit documented our shared disappointment of our weekly (weakly?) local card show. He also claims that I Bipped him in a motel parking lot... In front of his two month old son!!!

I may have.

At least I wasn't sneaky about it!

Stay tuned...