Wednesday, December 23, 2009


The title is fairly obvious based on my lack of recent posts. I am actually heading to the land of Mariners, Seahawks, Sounders, and SuperSoni... (err, did I mention the Mariners?) Yes, my wonderful girlfriend and I will be spending Christmas in Seattle this year. We did Rhode Island with her family last year, so this year MY family gets to deal with me.

Basically, what I am sayin': Don't expect much from PunkRockPaint for a while.

Of course, if you have managed to check in on the blog recently, I have managed to set the expectation level extremely low.

Here's a card I made last year. It is all you are gonna get outta me this year. Times are tough... Gotta conserve, recycle, slack, etc.

(Ha. I had this saved as "TONT Claus... Nice spelling, idiot.)

I feel a lil' guilty so here's another "classic"...

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Contest Time!!!

Not here. HERE! Wow! You gotta try and win this custom card... and it is autographed! Sweet.

Or better yet, don't enter the contest. I have a better chance of winning. (This concludes my sustained period of not posting. A new "laitus" - lazy-haitus - will begin now.)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Great Moments in Video Games...

Sorry I have been away for so long. Work has been super busy, and I spent some time visiting family out of town. Not to make excuses, but I am working on a top secret design project that has taken up a big chunk of time as well.

I have managed to find a little time to help out my friends over at EA Sports. They were getting early reports on the Tiger Woods 10 game that certain holes were too easy. I managed to program some "Tiger Proofing" into a couple of courses. I have included a screenshot of one of my more creative fixes:

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

For First Losers...

Well, this year I got the silver medal. I actually tied for second place. It is nice to have company. Being color blind, I always liked silver best anyway. To me, Gold and Bronze look too much alike. Winning all the time is boring. Finishing second is great motivation for next year. It is good to give someone else a chance to feel what it is like to be the champ. The pressure is off for next year...

Who am I kidding? I want to win. There was a little bit of laurel resting involved this year, but I vow to come back stronger.

I think I know who the winner will be, and I can't wait to see the monster they created.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Submittal and Judgement...

My entry into the Year's Most Anticipated Contest has been sent. I didn't enter the contest for the awards, nor the fame, nor the adulation of throngs of screaming fans. I entered only to improve upon last year's submission.

Was I able to do it??? You be the judge...

Click on picture for larger image.
That never gets old.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Temporary Blog Closure...

This (maybe) posting once a week isn't doing anyone any favors... Sorry again for the lack of posts, but I am working on something special. More content coming in a week or so.

Just a taste:

Thursday, October 8, 2009


Dear reader, It has been two weeks since my last post. Sorry.

Not sorry for the two weeks, but sorry this isn't exactly baseball card related... I'll tie it in the best I can:

I have always been a big fan of old propaganda posters. When I was in Rhode Island for the holidays last year, I came really close to buying the cool Red Sox posters they had at Dunkin Donuts. (mmmmm... Dunkin Donuts. Just can't get 'em here in San Diego.) I figured they would get trashed in my luggage, so I opted not to get them.

I figured I would steal (errr... borrow) the idea for some Padres posters or custom cards. The idea came and went. The new baseball season started, and I was no longer in the mood to make Padres posters. (Hey, at least we finished strong.) In the last week or so I started seeing the cool, new Topps propaganda-style cards. Man, I missed the boat on that one...

Or did I???

The idea is old hat to you baseball card folks, but to my music friends it was "a great idea". Well, shucks. I guess I am just cutting edge like that. I have been pretty busy churning out propaganda-style music posters. They aren't as cool as limited edition screened prints, but for MS Paint they are pretty good.

Rob Deez - "Proper-ganda"

No. Rob Deez is not a communist (Actually, I am not aware of his political leanings). The "hammer and sickle" is actually a logo I designed. I call it the "hammered and cycle." It would make more sense if you listen to "the Bicycle Song." It is on his My Space... Jussayin.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Wanted Poster...

Enough of the status quo. I am sick of people that break the rules and think they are smarter than everyone else. Just because you are willing to damage a bunch of packs in an effort to pluck a jersey card or an autograph, doesn't make you a genius... It makes you a thief. Worse yet, it makes you a douchebaggy card rustler. Out here in the west, we don't take too kindly to card rustlers.

Stories about encountering pack searchers have surfaced on many different blogs recently. I preface this by admitting that I very rarely purchase individual packs. Pack searchers, therefore, have little to no effect on my day-to-day card collecting life. Things change...

On Tuesday, I was at Target (with no intention of purchasing cards) and ran into one of these characters. After surreptitiously snapping a photo with my phone (planning a scathing blog post), I walked away fuming. This jerk wasn't even being subtle about it. He was systematically pulling boxes of cards from the shelves, searching every pack, folding and bending the cards with his meaty paws. Something in me snapped.

I debated whether to confront the guy or inform a Target employee. I recalled reading a blog post in which a store employee defended a pack searcher because he was a regular customer, and always left the aisle cleaner than he found it. That is ridiculous. As meticulous as this guy was about searching the packs, I had no doubts that he would alphabetize the blaster boxes on his way out of the aisle. I needed to take this into my own hands...

Every good vigilante has to be willing to break a few rules himself. Me? I am a good vigilante. While plotting my attack in the electronics department, I peeled a security tag off a Nintendo DS Brain Age game. After shopping for necessities, I headed back toward the checkout. When I got back to the card aisle, I patted the pack searcher on the back (sticking the security tag to his shoulder). Startled, he looked back at me with a irritated expression. I apologized for the confusion. I told him that I thought he was my friend, Kenny. With obviously feigned sincerity, he dismissively said, "Sorry. Not Kenny."

"yeah, Kenny's not a douche..." I mumbled as I walked away. When I checked out, I mentioned to the cashier that I think I saw the "douchy-looking gentleman" in the card aisle stick something in his pocket while searching through the cards.

Me? I am a good, passive-aggressive vigilante.

I am forming a passive-aggressive pack searcher picture posse. Care to join in? Submit your links to your wanted posters in the comments, or email them to me at

(I didn't actually stick a tag on the guy, or tell a cashier... I did however sneeze the word "douchebag" loud enough that the guy could hear me... I guess I need to work on the aggressive aspect of passive-aggressive. Oh, not that I was looking, but they still didn't have any Goodwin blasters.)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

A Carrrd for Dayf's Pirrrate set...

Rumor has it that the world's most famous card was in fact one of the world's first gimmick short printed cards. It seems that Mr. Wagner wasn't opposed to the cigarettes that were promoted by his likeness. He was actually convinced by a family friend, Dr. J. Beckett, that the scarcity created by requesting the recall of his "tobacco cards" would increase the popularity of his likeness.

With the company that was founded by Dr. Beckett and J.P. Wagner holding hundreds of the now rare cards; the descendants, and current owners, of Topps Deck, Inc. (a mysterious corporation that currently produces 97% of all sports cards) are worth billions of dollars.

Arrrrrrrrrgh! Screw 'em.

A Carrrd for Dayf's Pirrrate set...

Here's another... I actually like the short print variations in the 2009 Topps set, but they are hard to get. When my favorite player is one of the Super Short Prints...


If you want to know where the pirate magic is happening, X marks the spot!

A Carrrd for Dayf's Pirrrate set...

Concept: If the stupid card companies insist on making super rare variation cards, we arrrrr gonna take overrrr and make rrrr own set. Rrrread the genius Here.

My favorrrite parrrt is the logo I crrreated:

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Excuses for not posting...

I apologize that my posts have been few and far between lately. I have developed an addiction to non-prescription facebook. With the help of my card blogging friends, I have been able to slowly ween myself back into the card making groove.

Particularly inspiring has been one of my favorite new blogs Condition: Poor. If you haven't seen it yet, check it out.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

LOST... The Retro Baseball Card Set

You thought I would stop at 50 cards in this set... HA! I laugh in your face!

PRP LOST - #51 Cindy

I can't believe that I hadn't used the '87 Topps design yet... I thought I had run out of sets to steal from (errr... get inspiration from.)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tie Breaker Controversy...

The Card Blog League of Yahoo! Fantasy Baseball has a bit of controversy... If you couldn't tell from the title above, the rules regarding tie breakers in the playoffs have been questioned.

The #2 seed, Roadrunners, tied 5-5 with the #7 seed, Jacobmrley's Chain, in the first round of the playoffs. As the commissioner, it is my duty to explain the tie breaker rules. Since I had NO idea what the rules were, I went to the Oracle of Yahoo!; sacrificed two cheeseburgers, fries and a shake; wrote my question in sanskrit on a clay tablet; and threw it into the Holy Fire Pit of Funstonicus.

After hours of waiting in the lobby, Funstonicus' executive assistant handed me my answer:

In the event that a playoff game ends in a tie, the deadlock will be broken using the following system:

1. Team posing least threat to Pintadores de PunkRock
2. Lowest team ERA
3. Highest team AVG
4. Lowest team WHIP
5. Most team HR (batters)
6. Most team Wins
7. Most team RBI
8. Most team Saves
9. Most team Runs (batters)
10. Most team Strikeouts (pitchers)
11. Most team SB
12. Random "coin flip."

I made up #1 (no offense to Jacobmrley's Chain), but the rest are in Yahoo's rules... I would imagine the "Lowest team ERA" was chosen to prevent spamming of pitchers...

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sorry about the lack of posts...

I have been kind of busy purchasing books (for my birthday today). I recommend checking these out.

I guess "Bill Boehm" is some whacky nom de plume that Thorzul uses when he isn't blogging about baseball cards.

Unfortunately, David didn't use this opportunity to memorialize the historic season of the Card Blog League's Tribecards Trundles. I guess that's okay... I don't like tragic tales (oh, no I dint).

I can't wait for these to ship. If you use the checkout code "White" you get a nice discount. (I considered my discount a birthday present,) (for my birthday today...)

Click on the covers to buy.

Monday, August 31, 2009

It is all about the regular season...

Nobody remembers the team that wins the championship... The top team in the regular season is the true champion (he says, fearing a playoff collapse.)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Big Lebowski Set...

Thanks to Beardy for completing the checklist! I believe we are up to 93 cards (including this checklist) in this set. Very impressive! As always, you can see the set in all its glory at the Achiever Card Blog.

LOST... The Retro Baseball Card Set

Pryce seemed like a nice guy. Unfortunately for him, Hurley ran him over with a VW van.

Unfortunately for me, the Season 5 DVDs don't ship until December 8th.

PRP LOST - #50 Pryce

Design based on: 1971 Topps #700 - Boog Powell SP

Thursday, August 20, 2009

LOST... The Retro Baseball Card Set

Here we go again... As long as there are cards to be made, I just can't quit!

PRP LOST - #49 Eloise Hawking

Design based on: 2007 UD Masterpieces Stroke of Genius Signatures #AG - Adrian Gonzalez

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

LOST... The Retro Baseball Card Set

I almost forgot about Goodwin... Unlike Ana Lucia, I wasn't trying to "stick" it to him. Ha! LOST humor... meh.
I think that it may be time to move on from this set...
PRP LOST - #48 Goodwin

Sunday, August 16, 2009

What A Tournament!!!

Congratulations to Y.E. Yang for winning the 2009 PGA Championships!

I have to admit, I was rooting for Tiger, but this guy won me over. His clutch hybrid-3 on the 18th was amazing!

I have been working on a Tiger Woods project for a while now. Hopefully, I will be done soon...

Friday, August 14, 2009

I Have Sold Out...

I have moved into the realm of electronic commerce.
All proceeds of my merch will go toward the purchase of baseball cards.

For my special Vick shirts, 50% will go to the Humane Society.

Spread the word if you would like... or just keep it to yourself; shaking your head in disgust.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Big Lebowski Set...

It has been a while folks. There were six spaces to fill on the series 2 checklist. Now we only need THREE more cards to fill it. A little help here people...



Be sure to notify Motherscratcher when you post your cards so they can be enshrined at the fabulous Achiever Card Blog.

Beardy, we may need to call on you once again...

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Uh oh! There is an astrisk after my team name. Oh, it isn't a bad thing. Four weeks before the playoffs in the Card Blog League fantasy baseball season, Los Pintadores de Punk Rock have clinched a playoff spot... Our 111-47-12 record puts us at the top of the league standings.

With four weeks remaining, and eight playoff spots up for grabs, it is time for an update:

At only 10.5 games back, we fully expect The Nennth Inning club to clinch a spot this week. Although, the commissioner's office has raised the possibility that Bailey's team may be disqualified due to a lack of current blog posts. (Not to mention the commissioner's fear of fantasy baseball competition.)

The Roadrunners club (based out of sweltering Seattle) lie a further 10.5 games behind The Nennth Inning, but look certain to lock up a playoff spot in the final weeks. The Roadrunners hopes for a championship may be hindered by the extensive number of transactions. Our league rules call for a maximum of 50 transactions per season (and no more than ten per week.) The Roadrunners currently lead the league with 40 moves.

The playoff race heats up at the fourth and fifth spots. Grabowski Shuffle and Thoughts and Sox are separated by only three games. The two face each other head-to-head this week in what may be a 4-5 seed playoff preview.

Chingones, Chico's Bail Bonds, and Jacob Mrley's Chain are separated by a mere 6.5 games, and currently hold the final three playoff spots. Tasteslikedirt is five games back, but making a mad dash for the final spot with some inspired transactions recently. Waxaholic is lurking a game behind, and could sneak into the final spot with a little of that famous Canadian luck.

Twelve games out, Heartbreaking Cards has shocked the world after missing the live draft. After being screwed over by his autopicks, Matt has lead his team to a respectable season. Lucky for him this isn't a keeper league.

Mathematically eliminated from playoff contention, Tribecards Trundles has restocked their lineup to accurately reflect the fire sale in Cleveland. General Manager, David Henderson recently posted the following statement on the league message board:

Tribecards Trundles, who have struggling just as bad as their real-life counterparts, The Cleveland Indians, made several moves on saturday that will once again fill the roster with an all-Indians team.

Manager --David says, "I had left things pretty well alone, as I often do in this league, but with all the changes to the Indians clubhouse, my fantasy team no longer resembled the boys in blue. It was an awful state to be in, but it is the principle upon which I built this team. I'm sticking to it."

Visibly shaken, players from the Trundles shared a few moments as teammates and friends said goodbye. "This was our fantasy team," Martinez said tearfully, "I hope some of the other guys get picked up. The Trundles will have a special place in my heart, but I know our beloved --David was only following the foundation that made this team in the first place."

The Trundles are currently 60+ games (now 70+) behind the leader, and sit in last place in the league. Will these changes help move the team up the chain? Is there any chance of post-season play for the Trundles? The cliche' is "only time will tell," but really, there is little doubt it will happen.

The Tribecards Trundles woes can more likely be placed solely on the shoulders of the missing apostrophe after Tribecards. Please join me in a moment of silence for the Trundles missing apostrophe.

In conclusion... With eight teams in the playoffs, I give my Pintadores a 12.5% chance of winning the championship. I won't stop trying, but I do believe strongly in the law of averages.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

LOST... The Retro Baseball Card Set

Diving into the pool of minor characters from LOST this afternoon, I remembered about "Frogurt". I had to borrow a few details from Lostpedia:

Neil, sometimes referred to as "Frogurt," was one of the middle section survivors of Oceanic Flight 815. Neil survived on the Island for 101 days before suffering a presumed death from a flaming arrow to the chest. (Awesome!)

Not much is known about Neil before he came to the Island. It is assumed that he used to make frozen yogurt.

PRP LOST - #47 Neil

Design based on: 1998 Bowman Chrome International #408 - Dewayne Wise

Friday, July 31, 2009

Contest Alert!!!

No, not here. On a good blog! Ryan over at Trader Crack's Card Blog is sponsoring an amazing contest. You might want to check it out...

Thursday, July 30, 2009

LOST... The Retro Baseball Card Set

Man, this card is boring... I blame the 1969 Topps set.

PRP LOST - #46 Ilana & Bram

Design based on: 1969 Topps #99A - Rookie Stars Danny Morris & Graig Nettles

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

PunkRockPaint's Summer Reading List...

Believe it or not, I read things other than the backs of baseball cards. One of the best books I have had the opportunity to read lately is Things That Make Us [Sic]. I love proper grammar. Actually, I love correcting bad grammar. Well, correcting is not the right word... Mocking. That's the word I was looking for!
I am not the paragon of perfect punctuation; nor am I an expert on eloquent enunciation. I do make a concerted effort to spell correctly and occasionally use a semicolon. Unfortunately, all the instruction in the world is not going to help me use one properly.
Martha, thanks for writing such an entertaining book about things a lot of people don't pay close enough attention to. Damn. Should I be ending that sentence with "to"? Aaaaaugh! I did it again!
Back to what I am good (well?) at :)

Design based on: 1958 Topps #254 - Alex Grammas

Hmmmm... It is a complete sentence:

PunkRockPaint is a proud member of the Society for the Promotion of Good Grammar.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

LOST... The Retro Baseball Card Set

It is about time that someone memorialized the brave pilot of Oceanic Airlines flight 815. Seth Norris was a smart pilot, but forgot the most important rule of post-crash safety:
If you hear a monster outside of the cockpit... Don't stick your head out to see what it is.

PRP LOST - #45 Seth Norris

Design based on: 2004 Sweet Spot Classic Patch 300 #RH - Rogers Hornsby

Friday, July 24, 2009

LOST... The Retro Baseball Card Set

While Matt is on haitus from Heartbreaking Cards of Staggering Genius, I can steal one of his ideas... Ol' Smokey needed another card:

PRP LOST - #44 Black Smoke

Design based on: Seriously, folks, you can't figure this one out?!?

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Pugilists & Other Pugnacious Princes of Play...

The kind folks over at Dinged Corners came up with the concept and were kind enough to post the first two cards of this set. It is kind of fun, so I decided to add another:

2008 Topps Allen & Ginter
Pugilists & Other Pugnacious Princes of Play


In case you missed them: