Friday, January 2, 2009

It is good to be back...

Been out of the country for a little over a week. I was in Red Sox Nation. Rhode Island to be specific.

It is certainly nice to be back in sunny San Diego. I have been getting caught up on my blog reading. The ladies over at Dinged Corners had a few questions for their fellow bloggers. I happened to have a few answers, so here we go:

1-If I didn't collect baseball cards, I'd collect: Virtual images of fake baseball cards... I guess I already do that.

2-My baseball heroes include one you probably wouldn't know from my blog or comments, and that person is: Randy Jones. When I was a young pup, my family would go to Padres games a couple times a season. Growing up, I thought that Randy Jones was the Padres only pitcher. Years later, while dining on Randy's delicious BBQ, my dad explained to me that we only went to games that he started. He pitched so quickly (time between pitches, not m.p.h.) that we could get back home in a couple of hours. He won the Cy Young award in '76 with a devastating sinker and a fastball in the 80s. He was the Padres first superstar, and first in my heart... After Tony Gwynn, of course.

3-Every New Years I resolve to __________ my collection. My collection and I have an understanding... It doesn't mess with me, and I dont mess with it.

4-If I could spend a day with one person from baseball history, it would be: Satchel Paige, without a doubt.

Lucy had a few questions as well:

1-What is your favorite kind of dog? A purebred dachuahua. (That's a dachsund-chihuahua mix for the uninitiated. I have one of a very limited edition.) I introduce the blogging world to:

Lord of the Realm, Texas-hold-em Pudding Head Jones Peterson the First

(You can call him Tex for short... Just don't call him short!)

2-Who is your favorite baseball player? Tony Gwynn... The only man to ever play 40 years in the big leagues! (In my imagination.)

3-What is your favorite team? San Diego Padres RULE!!!

4-What is your favorite baseball movie? The Sandlot or Major League.

5-What is your favorite baseball book? Bill James Historical Baseball Abstract

6-What is your favorite card? 1982 TCMA Hawaii Islanders- Tony Gwynn

and my own question:

1-What is your favorite blog? Dinged Corners RULES!!! :)

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Scott C. said...

Glad to hear you made it back safely from the land of "wicked bad drivahs." I went to college in RI and experienced their automotive butchery first hand for five years.