Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My Favorite Movies...

While I was trying to decide whether to make a 1947 style Andy Dufresne or a 1994 style Ellis Boyd "Red" Redding card, I came up with this delightfuly simplistic idea:

PRP Favorite Movies - #NNO

Weak. I know. What would you rather see a '47 style or '94 style card for a favorite character from The Shawshank Redemption?


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Unknown said...

I love the older films, especially since they really show the difference in acting in a lot of some of the newer movies of today. My Mom is really the one that can take credit for getting me into the classics as she was my mentor. Getting my hands on older movies can be a challenge but I think I've found a solution. A friend that works at Dish Network with me was talking about Blockbuster and all the changes that are in the works since Dish bought the company. Kiosks, no more late fees or due dates, movies by mail and other stuff like that. I was delighted as I am sure many are, being that some of the older classics are just difficult to obtain. http://bit.ly/jP1NIT My Mom and I still get to spend some time together and share our love of film since my Dad doesn't really get into movies. May the classics live on.