Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Star Wars... The Retro Card Set

After setting up the Gallery, I realized that I had no cards from the '70s...

I fixed that:

PRP Star Wars - #26 Tusken Raider
I don't speak Tusken, so forgive the spelling.

PRP Star Wars - #27 Bothan
(I made this one as a memorial to all the Bothan spies that gave their lives to help find Mr. Brady's plans that he lost at the amusement park... Wait. I think I messed that up.)

PRP Star Wars - #28 Yoda
Okay... This card is based on one from 1981. Sue me! (Unless you are Kellogg's, Topps, George Lucas, Kenner, or anyone else whom might actually sue me.)


Matthew Glidden said...

Haaaahaha! Bothan gags with never get old. Great job on the cards.

Drew said...

Simply awesome. How did you do the top font on the 1972 style? I'd love to do stuff with that design, but I can't find a good font for it.

PunkRockPaint said...

Drew... I drew it.