Monday, August 14, 2017

Padres Series Illustrations - Part 1

Near the end of 2017 Spring Training, I posted a question on Twitter. "Are any Padres bloggers planning on writing series previews during the season?" I got a quick reply from Joe Lanek (@TheThinGwynn) from Gaslamp Ball. He said he was kicking around the idea, and asked what I was thinking.

Ever since I ran across some amazing images of vintage football programs a couple years back, I'd been wanting to illustrate series programs for the Padres. I let Joe know that I'd love to provide illustrations for his previews. He was on board, and we headed down a road that neither of us realized would be so long.

I have a better than average grasp on the topic of baseball. But I definitely didn't take the time to count (or do the simple math to estimate) the number of series the Padres play in a year. I just started drawing.

During the final Padres Spring Training game, I finished my program illustration for the home opener against the Giants. I sent the image to Joe, and eagerly awaited his reply. Later that evening he sent back a message that he loved it!

I was stoked that he liked it, but he followed up by asking what I had planned for the opening series vs the Dodgers...  

Crap. Hadn't even thought about series on the road.

I knocked out a couple quick illustrations, and here they are:

Apr 3-6 @ LA Dodgers

Apr 3-6 @ LA Dodgers

April 7-9 vs San Francisco

April 10-12 vs Colorado
April 14-17 @ Atlanta
April 18-20 vs Arizona

April 21-23 vs Miami
April 24-27 @ Arizona

April 28-30 @ San Francisco
May 2-4 vs Colorado

May 5-7 vs LA Dodgers
May 9-11 at Rangers

May 12-14 @ White Sox
May 16-18 vs Milwaukee
May 19-21 vs Arizona
May 23-25 @ NY Mets
May 26-28 @ Washington 
May 29-31 vs Cubs

June 2-4 vs Colorado
June 6-8 @ Arizona
June 9-11 vs Kansas City

June 12-14 vs Cincinnati
June 16-18 @ Milwaukee
June 19-21 @ Cubs
June 23-25 vs Detroit
June 27-29 vs Atlanta
June 30, July 1&2 vs LA Dodgers
July 4-6 @ Cleveland

July 7-9 @ Philadelphia

July 14-16 vs San Francisco
July 17-19 @ Colorado
July 20-23 @ San Francisco

July 24-27 vs NY Mets
July 28-30 vs Pittsburgh
August 1&2 vs Minnesota
August 4-6 @ Pittsburgh

August 7-10 @ Cincinnati
August 11-13 @ LA Dodgers

Continued in part 2. (Apparently, you can only put so much stuff in one post.)


defgav said...

Terrific stuff! Most of these I caught on Twitter, but a few I missed, so glad there's a central place for them all now.

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