Sunday, June 14, 2009

LOST... The Retro Baseball Card Set

I always like to see what the odds are to pull a particular insert or variation from a pack of cards. If I am going to gamble (which I have determined is at least 50% of my enjoyment of opening cards) I want to know my chances of "winning". Upper Deck refuses to put the odds on the back of their packs... and it pisses me off. If I didn't know that I had a better than 85% chance of winning, pre-flop with pocket aces I wouldn't play poker. Why should I buy any more Upper Deck product?

Where was I... Oh, yeah:

Back in 2000, I recall being puzzled by the mysterious "Card Supials" listing on the back of the packs of Pacific Crown Royale (2:25 packs). My high school Spanish classes and proximity to Mexico had often helped me with Pacific's Spanish language usage on their cards. The word "supial" was messing me up. It sounded Spanish, it was definitely a word I thought I had heard before. Was "supial" (pronounced Soo-pee-AHL in my mind) a Spanish version of "super", was it the future tense of some verb that I had forgotten???

Then I pulled a Card-Supial from the first pack box I purchased and immediately felt stupid. It wasn't Spanish... It was Biology. Card-Supial... Marsupial. The card had a pouch with a baby card in it. Um, hilarious? Stupid?

If I hadn't pulled a Tony Gwynn "mama" card I would probably would lean toward "stupid". But my Tony Gwynn "Kanga" and Richie Sexon "Roo" reside quite happily together in my Tony Gwynn binder. (I assume that to be the case. I haven't seen "the good book" since I moved a year-and-a-half ago... doh!)

PRP LOST - #13 Claire & Aaron


thehamiltonian said...

That is awesome!

LOST retro cards stave off a bit of the withdrawal I have been experiencing since the season finale.

Anonymous said...

I love the cardsupial set:) nice work!

Motherscratcher said...

I thought a kangaroo was a kangaroo, and a baby kangaroo was a joey. This would make Sexton a Joey, not a roo.

From now on I will refer to Sexton as Joey. He is the bizarro Albert Belle.

Motherscratcher said...

Oh, and, I didn't realize just how hot Clarie was. Not that I thought her unattractive or anything, but wow. Look at her there.

And whoever the kid is that plays Aaron...he looks like he might have to work pretty hard not to grow up to be Billy Zabka.

capewood said...

Great addition to the set.