Friday, June 26, 2009

LOST... The Retro Baseball Card Set

Ahhhhh... Productivity!
PRP LOST - #22 Michael

Design based on: 1982 Topps #647 - Warren Brusstar

PRP LOST - #23 Desmond

Design based on: 2009 Topps Legends Commemorative Patch #LPR13 - Ted Williams 1953 All-Star Game

PRP LOST - #24 Walt

Design based on: 1987 Donruss #135 - Wally Joyner RC (Rookie Card)


Anonymous said...

Wow! Is that the Royal Scots Dragoon Guard patch on the Desmond card?

Such authentictity!!!


Not PunkRockPaint

RWH said...

These continue to be awesome. I hope we can get a card featuring Vincent. Kind of like Steve Lake's Studio card with his freakish bird.

Captain Canuck said...

as I was sitting around, opening up a few packs of 1982 Donruss Magnum PI cards, as I quite often do, I thought to myself;"Self, PunkRock must do one of his LOST cards in the 1982 Magnum PI card style."

so there you have it. Get to work.