Tuesday, July 28, 2009

PunkRockPaint's Summer Reading List...

Believe it or not, I read things other than the backs of baseball cards. One of the best books I have had the opportunity to read lately is Things That Make Us [Sic]. I love proper grammar. Actually, I love correcting bad grammar. Well, correcting is not the right word... Mocking. That's the word I was looking for!
I am not the paragon of perfect punctuation; nor am I an expert on eloquent enunciation. I do make a concerted effort to spell correctly and occasionally use a semicolon. Unfortunately, all the instruction in the world is not going to help me use one properly.
Martha, thanks for writing such an entertaining book about things a lot of people don't pay close enough attention to. Damn. Should I be ending that sentence with "to"? Aaaaaugh! I did it again!
Back to what I am good (well?) at :)

Design based on: 1958 Topps #254 - Alex Grammas

Hmmmm... It is a complete sentence:

PunkRockPaint is a proud member of the Society for the Promotion of Good Grammar.


Captain Canuck said...

ya done real good there!

Joe S. said...

I thought it was now correct to end a sentence with a preposition? I could've sworn that was changed recently. Looks like an interesting book, I'll check it out!

The Mojo Hand said...

I need help!

Im in.

--David said...

I love the crease across.... (heh-heh)