Saturday, January 23, 2010

LOST... The Retro Baseball Card Set

It is getting close to the beginning of the final season of LOST... I figured It was time to shake a little of the old MS Paint rust off and make some new cards for my set. As I scrolled through the previous cards, I realized that I had mistakenly neglected the love of Desmond's life. Penelope Hume nee Widmore certainly deserves a card. When I began my selection process for selecting the card template I was at a loss.

It had been a few months since the last LOST card, and I wanted Penny's to shine. (Pun intended... just not funny.) Using my huge brain, I spent an hour or so connecting the dots. Penny is Desmond's long-lost love... Desmond was lost on an island... Islands often have buried treasure... Treasure can be valuable... Value is equal to what someone will pay for something... Something is what I am trying to think of... Thinking hurts my brain... My brain is big... Big things are... OOOH! HEY LOOK!!! Something shiny!!! Where was I??? Oh yeah, shiny... Pennies are shiny! I should make a LOST card for Penny! Oh, wait. I already started that...

So I took a nap.

Starting over... Pennies are coins...
PRP LOST - #52 Penny

Damn, I have a big brain!

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