Monday, November 1, 2010

Contest Time...

I couldn't get the blood to spurt realistically enough on my submission in my favorite contest, so i ended up missing out on the fun. I really need to do something to get me back to blogging. What could be better than a contest of my own? Well, how about a contest that helps me complete my 2010 Topps Series 1&2 insert sets???

I have had some free time on my hands lately, so I have finally figured out what I need to complete the insert sets. The list is a little long, unfortunately. While I am missing quite a few cards, what I do have is a boat-load of extras up for trade!

Here are the rules:

1. Send me an email at with the subject line "Contest"
2. List between UP TO FIVE cards from my 2010 Topps Insert Want List that you are willing to trade. (You do not need to submit a list of what you want in return. You MUST own the cards you list AND be willing to trade them. You are NOT obligated to complete any trade, but please submit in good faith.)
3. I have chosen twenty cards from my want list at random. The winner will be the contestant that offers the most of the randomly selected cards out of the five cards they submit. Tie goes to whoever submitted first.
4. All submissions must be received by November 19th, 2010 11:59 PM (Pacific)
5. Of course, I will be willing to trade for any of the cards on my want list (the more the better). Please submit those via separate email or comment.

What can you win?

Here are the prizes:
TIER ONE (with one to four entries)
1st Place- Your choice of ONE of the following (pics of the prizes will be posted soon):
for those who like vintage goodness...
     1972 #510 Ted Williams MGR (condition: Less than Great)
     1978 #473 Rookie Outfielders (featuring Gene Richards! oh, and Andre Dawson too)
              (condition: Better than Bad)
     1956 #72 Philadelphia Phillies Team Card (I believe it is version B, with team name to the left)
              (condition: Surprisingly Swell - INCLUDES AUTOGRAPH!!! Apparently, someone named "Robert"
              owned this card in the past and inscribed their name on the back.)
     1955 Bowman #65 Don Zimmer RC (condition: Lovingly Creased - Corners will not be a danger to
for those who like newer and shinier things...
     2010 MCP-46 Mariano Rivera Manufactured Patch (Yankee Stadium commemorative patch from a blaster)
     2010 GC5 Jackie Robinson (Legends Gold Chrome Card from Target Cereal Box)
     2010 GC13 Ty Cobb (Legends Gold Chrome Card from Target Cereal Box)
     2010 GC15 Albert Pujols (Legends Gold Chrome Card from Target Cereal Box)

     2009 GR-13 Ty Cobb (Legends Gold Chrome Card from Target Cereal Box)
     2009 PR-5 Lou Gehrig (Legends Platinum Chrome Card from Wal-Mart Cereal Box)
2nd Place- One of whatever 1st place doesn't want...
3rd Place- Something else...

Stay tuned for TIER TWO prizes (five to ten entries) and pics of all the prizes!!!

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