Thursday, April 7, 2011

Rather Than Cleaning...

I have given myself two days to get our bedroom cleaned. There are no dirty clothes. The sheets are clean, and the bed made. The closet is organized, and the clothes are put away...

Then there is this corner:

Yes. This is a current photo of my desk.

Rather than piling them back into boxes, I told Kerri that I was going to get them organized AND put away...

She's in San Francisco for the next two days, so I promised it would be done by the time she got back. I figured sharing my predicament would be helpful (though not necessarily a good use of my time.)


gritz76 said...

I'm going to show this to the wife and hope she quits bitchin' about the two small piles I have on our desk! That there is a mess to be proud of! No way you get it done in 2 days.

Doc said...

Man, that's at least five pots of coffee and a solid 18 hours of sorting. GOOD LUCK!

Fuji said...

I've been there. It's like a giant roller coaster.

It's disheartening at first... because it seems hopeless.

Then you start sorting and you get into it (especially when you come across cards you forgot you had).

After about an hour... it starts to get boring and you take a break. But everytime you walk by those stacks... they're calling your name.

So eventually make your way back... and this pattern goes back and forth... back and forth... until finally you finish.

That's when you have mixed feelings. Part of you is relieved that you're done. But there's that sad feeling you get... knowing that it's over.

Have fun this weekend on your roller coaster ride!