Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Star Wars... The Retro Baseball Card Set

Since Topps always puts Mickey Mantle as their #7 card, I thought I would follow suit. In ALL PunkRockPaint Star Wars sets made from this point forward, R2-D2 will be card #7.

Why? The explanation is simple: SABRology (The Combined Theory of  Obscure Baseball Statistics and Numerology)

Substituting the alpha-numeric values in R2-D2 gives the simple mathematical formula:

(18)2 - (4)2

36 - 8 = 28

Mickey Mantle was 28 years old during the 1960 season. Using the basic SABRology formula known as RD, we take Mantle's Runs scored total from 1960 (119) and subtract the runs he Drove in (94).

119 - 94 = 25

The number 25 left me feeling a bit confused, so I rechecked my math. Hmmm. The math is right, but it just didn't work the way I hoped.

I read the Bill Lucas and George James book of SABRology again. I feel so stupid...

I missed the section on the Sidekick Postulate. Forgetting about C-3PO, had thrown off my entire calculation. My rationale became clear:

C = 3, P = 16, O always substitutes for zero.

(3) - 3 (16) (0)

3 - 0 = 3

If you add C-3PO to Mantle's 1960 RD total...


Simple. And that is why R2-D2 will always be card #7

PRP Star Wars - #7 R2-D2

Design based on: 1993 Upper Deck Then And Now #TN9 - Dave Winfield   


Anonymous said...

That *IS* the droid I'm looking for!

Captain Canuck said...

you're getting too much sun my friend. stay indoors awhile. have a cool drink.