Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Star Wars: The Retro Card Set...

I recently picked up a Tony Gwynn Starting Lineup Talking Baseball card from CheckoutMyCards.com. Since I really like the simple design, I figured it would be nice as a Star Wars card.

The painted portraits on the original cards were pretty basic, so I figured I could "paint" it myself. After wasting an hour or so with my new drawing tablet and Corel Painter, I decided that it would look a lot better if I appropriated a painting from the internet. There were some great paintings, but I eventually "borrowed" the Luke Skywalker painting from Dry Jack on Deviant Art via Google Images. Hope he doesn't mind. If he wants, I'll split all the money I make from this card. (Will he take a cashiers check for $ 0.00?)

PRP Star Wars - #36 Luke Skywalker

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Fuji said...

Coolest Last Name In The Galaxy + Oddball Issue = Awesome!