Monday, October 17, 2011

You Better Bring It...

Sorry it has been so long. I have been keeping myself busy making custom cards. Unfortunately, you won't see them here yet.

This post is mainly just to call out Sean. Yeah, YOU! I hope you are wearing your big girl panties while you make your cards for the Thorzul Will Rule Nightmares on Cardboard: IV contest. I decided to bring the pain this year. You may be a great designer, and a wonderful person, and a amazing custom card maker...

But I have called on the powers of darkness to guide my submission to the contest. No, seriously. I made my cards with the lights OFF! They may not be pretty, but they are pure evil.

I am taking on anyone that enters the contest in a fight to the death thumb wrestling challenge to three pins. Good luck to any that dare to attempt to take what is mine!!! Don't call it a comeback... I didn't wanna win that badly the last two years.

What's the prize this year?

Never mind!

All I want is your soul admiration.

1 comment:

Slangon said...

The important thing is that we all have fun.

(Sorry. I just saw your little taunting post now.)