Monday, January 26, 2009

Tony Gwynn - a History (Part 7)... CONTEST!!!

With only 16 days until pitchers and catchers report to spring training, it seems like the perfect time for a little trivia...

1976 was a special year for the United States of America, and a special season for Tony Gwynn. He won the National League MVP award unanimously. Randy Jones won the Cy Young Award for the Padres after winning 22 games. The bicentennial brought a heck of a season to San Diego. I would like to honor one of the Padres greatest seasons with one of the greatest trivia contests of all time! 76 trivia questions in honor of the '76 season. The winner will receive A MAJOR AWARD!!!

1976 Topps - Tony Gwynn #350

Please submit your answers in the comments section:

1. Since the 1976 season, how many times have players from the same team won both the MVP and Cy Young awards in the same season?

2. How many games did Randy Jones win before the all star break in his Cy Young award winning 1976 season?

3. How many bases did Tony Gwynn steal in 1976?

4. How many RBI did Tony have at the all star break in 1976?

5. Who finished in second place in the NL MVP voting in 1976?

6. What player is featured on the "cardtoon" on the back of Tony Gwynn's 1977 baseball card?

7-76. What is the caption for the "cardtoon"?

You didn't think that I really had 76 questions?

(Hint: This isn't the "cardtoon" on Tony's card)


Anonymous said...

1.14 (Schmidt/Carlton '80), (Fingers '81), (Yount/Vuckovich '82), (Sandberg/Sutcliffe '84), (Hernandez '84), (Clemens '86), (Gibson/Hershiser '88), (Bonds, Drabek '90), (Henderson/Welch '90), (Pendleton/Glavin '91), (Eckersley '92), (Tejada/Zito '02), (Pujols/Carpenter '05), (Morneau/Santana '06)
2. 16-3
3. 54
4. 43
5. George Foster
6. Butch Metzger
7-76. Butch was co-voted NL Rookie of the Year with Pat Zachry in 1976

PunkRockPaint said...


1. Unless you count Fingers/Fingers '81 as "players from the same team, fourteen is CORRECT!

2. CORRECT! 6-11 after the break.

3. INCORRECT. Closest without going over wins the showcase. So keep guessing.

4. INCORRECT. Closest without going over wins the showcase. So keep guessing.

5. INCORRECT. Not George Foster. Good guess.

6. CORRECT! (Pat Zachry is also featured. Sorry for the trick question.)


Stay tuned for a pic of the back of the card.

Anonymous said...

These are for my incorrect answers:

3. 22
4. 35
5. Joe Morgan