Sunday, April 12, 2009

Uni Watch (Chingones edition)...

Next week in Fantasy Baseball, Los Pintadores de Punkrock face the dreaded Chingones. Hopefully, the Chingones will be tired from a hard fought battle with the Grabowski Shuffle. The Pintadores have been taking it easy on The Nennth Inning up until this point. Unlike some... The Pintadores de Punkrock NEVER rest on Sundays!

The designers and tailors at the league office have been working hard to get all the teams properly dressed. They finished the unis for the Chingones just in time for their matchup with the future league champs.

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Carl Crawford Cards said...

Love the threads! I especially like the tribute to the manager's missing digit (not exactly missing, but it's a long story). Very, very cool. Thanks again! Vivan los Chingones!