Sunday, March 7, 2010

I Was There... (Bipped - Live)

Contrary to what Joe from The Priceless Pursuit stated in his post, the Bipping I bestowed upon him at the "weakly" card show last Friday WAS NOT the first in-person Bipping!

Upon first meeting Joe in the parking lot, he handed me a couple of junk wax packs ('90 and '91 Topps). Much like a Japanese salaryman presenting his business card, Joe placed the packs in my hand. I was so eager to give my Bipping to him, I carelessly tossed his gift on the passenger seat of my car.

After suffering through all six tables at "the show", Joe and I parted ways. As we headed toward the parking lot, we exchanged goodbyes. Joe wished me well, and expressed his hope that I "enjoy the junk wax."

Oh, noooooooooo!!!

Blinded by my own Bip giving, I didn't realize that it could be me that was the Bippee.

The packs didn't appear tampered with:


Joe eased the Bip-burn with a couple of nice Padres relics.

As a Bipper, Joe is one-of-a-kind. As a blogger, one-of-the-kindest.


Joe S. said...

I swear that Bip Roberts card was already in the '91 Topps pack! The irony amused me as I was loading them up.

Rod (Padrographs) said...

Hey Travis, I went to Topps million and someone wanted to give an 1987 Robin Yount for a Bip Roberts card. Then I looked and lo and behold it was you trying to get the Bipster from me. Bip is precious, precious issss mine.