Friday, March 5, 2010

The Card Blog League is... Full.

A hearty howdy to the newest team: RustyKuntz FunBunch. Co-managed by Beardy and SpastikMooss, this new organization is sure to set the league on fire. In the meantime, they really should get crackin' on designing some uniforms. Here are some designs from last year:

An Old-Timey Classic: 4-Fingered McGee's Chingones

White Sox Activism: Grabowski Shuffle

Linci-licious: The Nennth Inning

This style guide does show the denim warm up jackets... I'll fix that this year.

Hopefully, these guys don't trick me into running off a cliff again this year.

Working-Class Bay Area Chic - Tastes Like Dirt


I was stoked that he used this in his blog header...

Design Perfection by Dayf

This is what the Tribecard Trundles wore in the cellar last year... This year I predict tuxedos!


AdamE said...

The guy with absoutly no photo shop skills skills takes what he can ge and if that means swiping your design for my blog so be it.

--David said...

Uh, yeah, my guys seriously need clothes this year! Any chance I could hit up the commish for some attire?