Monday, April 19, 2010

I Am Switzerland...

In the past, PunkRockPaint may have fired off a few Bips in anger. We have seen the error of our ways. This blog will now and forever be neutral in the Great Bip War. Not one tiny Bip will be sent from our mailbox here in San Diego. All Bips are welcome here.

PunkRockPaint is now a safe refuge where cards of Bip Roberts can live in peace.

Why the change? Some say - once a Bipper, always a Bipper. Things have definitely changed for me. A conversation I had recently with the love of my life was the motivating factor in the move toward neutrality. The words still ring in my head many days later:

Me: Baby, I am gonna collect Bip Roberts cards!

Her: Whatever... Idiot. You're just doing it 'cause Thorzul made 'em cool.

Me: No! I have always loved Bip! I have an autographed baseball AND an 8x10 photo!

Her: I've never seen them. Are they in those boxes in the garage? Because nothing says love like stuffing something in a box in the garage...

Me: I just haven't found the right place to display them...

Her: That hasn't stopped you from (finger quotes) displaying (finger unquotes) all this other crap.

Me: I love you...

Her: You're not gonna stuff me in a box in the garage are you?

We eventually came to an mutual agreement. I would clear some additional space in our closet for her clothes, and I could create a Bip sanctuary on top of my bookshelf! I also had to solemnly swear not to stuff her in a box in the garage...

I can understand that many would be leery of sending their Bips to a far off place, with no guarentee for their safety and comfort. I ask that you wait and see the plans for Bipperland before rushing to judgement.

I will keep my loyal readers informed as the project moves forward... (and those of you that stumbled across this blog can check it out too.)

It all starts with a single Bip.


Doc said...

Thanks for not posting about Cheeseburgers.

I don't think my brain could handle reading that "line" again, even if the word "not" was inserted.

Finger quotes " ".

Rod (Padrographs) said...

Travis, do you have a checklist of Bip. I used the beckett one, cleaned it and put it in an actual order. I can email it to you. We can trade Bips that we have that are extras. Let me know what size t shirt and hoodie you wear. Thanks