Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Contest Update...

The contest entries are trickling in slowly. Maybe pictures of the prizes will help draw some more entries. A couple more entries, and I will up the ante.
Shiny Golden Jackie!
 '56 Phillies
 Yes! A genuine "Robert" auto on back!
 Patchy Rivera (maufactured)
 Golden Cobb #1
 Shiny Lou!
 Gene Richards Rookie!
Golden Cobb #2
 Horribly cut Teddy Ballgame.
 Pre-folded Don Zimmer!
Two more entries and I will double the haul for 1st and 2nd place! Oh. I'll add some more cards to the pool.

Attn: Mark Aubrey
I have hunted high and low for your package that I owe you. No luck. So send me your want list and I will do some filling before the holidays!


BA Benny said...

I hope I win, those are some nice cards.

Mark Aubrey said...

PRP - check your email.