Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Star Wars... Retro Baseball Card Set

What do you think? Should I run with this idea?

PRP SW - #1 Luke Skywalker
Design based on: 1959 Topps #10 - Mickey Mantle


Oops. Forgot the facsimile autograph.


Fuji said...

Please run with it.. I'm a huge SW fan and would love to see more of these. Possibly a bounty hunter subset?

The Skywalker is sweet... good job!

Anonymous said...

Yes! DO IT!

I did a few with the 1986 Topps design.



Sith cards

Jim said...

There is no try, only do!

And Lobot is just begging for a nice Chrome card.

PunkRockPaint said...


Your wish is my command. Bounty hunters will be well represented.


I love the Jedi and Sith cards! None of the '86 style will be made by me in their honor.


I was thinking about a Lobot hologram... What do you think?

capewood said...

I'm looking forward to them!

Fuji said...

Awesome... can't wait to check them out!