Thursday, March 5, 2009

In Lieu of pictures...

I am sorry that I was forced to remove the Allen & Ginter preview. My source said it would acceptable if I shared some of the pending checklist:

Cabinet Cut Autographs - Great Canadians Subset
GCAGB- Alexander Graham Bell
GCAM- Anne Murray
GCBA- Bryan Adams
GCBO- Bobby Orr
GCBH- Bret "The Hitman" Hart
GCCB- Dr. Charles Best
GCDC- Don Cherry
GCFB- Frederick Banting
GCGL- Gordon Lightfoot
GCJIC- Jim Carrey
GCJOC- John Candy
GCJMI- Joni Mitchell
GCJM- John Molson
GCJN- James Naismith
GCLS- Lord Stanley of Preston
GCMJF- Michael J. Fox
GCMM- Mike Meyers
GCNY- Neil Young
GCST- Shania Twain
GCTD- Tommy Douglas
GCTH- Tim Horton
GCWG- Wayne Gretzky
GCWS- William Shatner


GCDSB- Dual Cut- Rick Moranis & Dave Thomas


Captain Canuck said...

certainly not the checklist I would've put together.... but a few nice ones none the less...

--David said...

So, is there jelly doughnut on the Bob and Doug card?? :-)

gcrl said...

no alan thicke! that's good.

Wax Heaven said...

What is up with all the Canadian love? Will that be the entire theme of '09?

Chris Harris said...

What? No Terrence and Phillip?