Friday, March 27, 2009

Uni Watch (Submittals)...

The Mojave Roadrunners of the Card Blog League have submitted uniform designs for approval by the Commissioner's Office. Although submitted without full design schematics, it is likely that the concept art will pass easily through review. The designs are as follows:

PunkRockPaint commentary: We are fans of the overall design, specifically the away uniform colors. We would not have used the white lettering without a drop shadow... BUT, in this case, the effect of the plain white lettering is quite nice. We can only hope that the Roadrunner logo will be chain-stitched.

Although the Commissioner's Office is busy rounding up free agents for their personal Fantasy Baseball team, the Card Blog League's Design and Propaganda Department is actively producing style guides for teams unable to submit proper uniforms before the beginning of the season.

Proper formatting for submittals:


Frank said...

supremely badass. i would definitely wear that.

the Phoenix Roadrunners minor league hockey team also has a badass jersey.

Ken Peterson said...

The Roadrunners have found some nice Muslim gentlemen who make regular trips between Kashmir, where the uniforms are hand sewn and then chain stitched, and Afghanistan where we get free transshipment via Uncle Sam to Edwards AFB.