Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Answers from the Mailbag

From time to time, I will answer important questions and reply to misguided statements left in the comments sections of my posts.

Yesterday's post gave us some good ones:

dayf said...

My blood pressure and cholesterol just went up 50 points each!

PunkRockPaint says... Bacon Salt is cholesterol free and low in sodium!

thenennthinning said...
you live in sd too? dude, did you realize that there is no card shops in America's finest city??

PunkRockPaint says... There are a few card shops that aren't horrible. Clairemont Sports Cards is pretty good. I can't recall the name, and I have only been to the shop downtown once, but it used to be pretty cool. It reminded me of the card shops in Cooperstown.

--David said...
I told my wife the other day that the secret to all things good was to add bacon, cheese, or preferably, BOTH! Bacon Salt... Ahhh... Glad youthrew the graph out. I looked at it and went, "uuuhhh.." :-)


Duuuude... bacon air freshener for your CAR

PunkRockPaint says... The fine folks that make Bacon Salt also make a cheddar flavor which is supposedly great on popcorn.

I don't need bacon air freshener... I just rub some Baconnaise on my upper lip. It not only keeps the smell of bacon in the air all day, but the glossiness makes it look like I am sweating profusely (so my boss thinks I am focusing on work diligently, instead of answering comments and daydreaming of bacon.)

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Billy Suter said...

No Diet Coke with Bacon?