Sunday, November 23, 2008

Shoulda been Sundays - Card #2

We received quite a few requests for "shoulda-beens" this week. I have quite a few ready to roll, but this post is titled "Shoulda been Sundays - Card #2" not "Cards #2-14".

This request was one of many Dodgers (yecch!) from the good folks at the garveyceyrusselllopes blog (gcrl for short.) I presented all of the cards that I had finished to our editorial department; she chose this one. So, in the spirit of National League West unity, I present to you the 1970 Topps Don Drysdale:

This photo was, once again, brazenly stolen from Steve's Baseball Photography Pages.

Keep sending those requests in to PunkRockPaint will be in the Pacific Northwest this week to celebrate Thanksgiving with family. If we get the chance to hop down to Portland from Seattle, we hope to bow at the alter of Padrographs.

I would like to thank everyone that has sent packages o' Padres my way in the last couple of weeks. Parcels shipped yesterday to Thoughts and Sox, The Nennth Inning, Dinged Corners, Indians Baseball Cards... and then some, Thorzul Will Rule, and Eric Slette.

I still owe a HUGE debt to John in the UK and Rod in Portlandtown, Oregon.

PS- If anyone comes across a color photo of Juan Marichal in a Dodgers uni... let me know.


night owl said...

Too cool. When you look at his 1969 card and what you used for the 1970 "card," it all fits nicely.

Dodgers rule! But thanks for your unity spirit. (I've actually featured Giants on my blog -- eewwww).

gcrl said...

many thanks! big d deserved a final tribute.

it looks great.

Anonymous said...

Very nice job.