Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Blog Bat Around #4

I decided to wait until the #4 spot in the order came up before I would take my hacks.

From Dinged Corners, the question(s) this time:

Which baseball card or set do you believe will be valuable in ten years? In other words, no matter what happens with the player(s) or industry going forward--injury, steroid accusations, drugs, gambling charges, the demise or ascendancy of Topps, Donruss and Upper Deck--what single card or set from baseball cards past or present do you believe is an absolute BUY and HOLD?

Valuable is term that I stopped using a long time ago. I forced myself to stop thinking that my collection is valuable. Something only has value if you can sell it. I have never put any real effort into selling cards.

As to what card or set will be valuable in ten years... I look forward to everyone else's answers.
Of course, I will always value Tony Gwynn cards. His 1983 Topps card will always hold a special place in my heart.

As for BUY and HOLD... I am waiting for the complete set of Goose Joak Originals to be completed. You can't beat the BUY price, and they have nowhere to go but up!


Rod (Padrographs) said...

your 1983 card is much better than either Topps or OPC.

Goose Joak said...

Very nice work on the graded Chris Young too!!! That's awesome!

Beautiful Topps card of Tony, too...been enjoying the series.