Friday, February 6, 2009

Witness Statement #3 (Doubting Thomas)

In the PunkRockPaint chat room, several conversations have focused on my reliable witnesses. The following quotes are taken directly from the boards:

"He probably gave Dayf a stack of Chipper cards and Rod a pile of Padres autos to lie for him."

"I still have'nt (sic) seen teh (sic) card. They are porbably (sic) lieing (sic) for the publisity (sic)."

"If they don't show us the card, I am calling bulls#*t!"

Like I said before people... You're gonna have to pay to see it, just like everybody else.

One message on the boards caught my attention. Dave from Tribecards had the following observation:

"His witnesses are beyond reproach; his Gwynn collection is world class; his research for his blog is top notch... I just wish I could see the card."

Well, Dave, flattery gets you nowhere. On this blog, flattery gets you a sneek peek. I sent the evidence to Dave, and he returned this statement:

When I was first asked to serve as a 'reliable witness,' I have to admit, I was skeptical. After all, it is well-known that PRP has a knack for creating cards with amazing detail and accuracy.
I reviewed the card in question (one 1978 Tony Gwynn 'error' card), encased within the PSA garding sleeve. I suggested that PRP suppply a photo of himself holding said card. In the meantime, I contacted a friend of mine at PSAP in regards to this card.
My connection, who shall remain nameless under the guidelines of the ECWPA (Error Card Witness Protection Act), requested some time to research and verify. The following is what I received:
"Dave, you are NOT going to believe this! This is totally legit, man! I checked with internal records, and sure enough, the card number and serial number match the 1978 Topps Tony Gwynn error card! I had never seen the card before, and the owner of that puppy is one lucky guy!"
I, therefore, have no choice but to unequivocally hereby witness that this is, in fact, an amazing specimen of one 1978 Topps Tony Gwynn error card!

Thanks for your kind words and all the gifts of cards you shower on your readers.


Anonymous said...

After reading all the witness testimonials, I really have to see this card for myself. Surely a fellow Padres fan gets a hometown discount?

--David said...

I assure you, it is a thing of beauty... oh and the non-error parts are too... :-)

It's all about the Pee Sap...