Monday, February 2, 2009

Error cards...

There has been some question as to the veracity of my last post.

First of all, the history of Tony Gwynn's 39 years in the Major Leagues is not something I would ever attempt to hyperbolize about. The statistics don't lie!

Secondly, one reader stated that card #200 from the 1978 set is Reggie Jackson. DUH!!! Of course it is... now!!! For those of you that can't remember the story of card #200, let me refresh your memory:

When the controversy settled down after the "Nudie" Gwynn card was pulled from circulation, Topps went into damage control mode. The Reggie Jackson card was moved from card #77 (a number of honor for the newly crowned "Mr. October"). The vacated #77 was filled by Ed Kirkpatrick. Ed finished his 16 year career splitting time with Pittsburgh, Texas, and Milwaukee in 1977. Please try doing some research before bashing me in the comments.

I pulled this picture from a few months ago. I don't own the original checklist. The card was substantially discounted, but I couldn't see spending $2,800 on a checklist card.

Lastly, for any of you that don't believe that I actually own one of the error cards. I am willing to show a scan of the slabbed card to TWO reliable witnesses. Please send a brief card collecting resume to with the subject line "1978 Gwynn error". I will notify the winners within the week. Witnesses will be required to sign a non-disclosure agreement and provide a brief statement (which will be posted on this blog) upon viewing the card.

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Rod (Padrographs) said...

Dear Sir I believe that I would be a reliable witness in that I have been collecting Padres cards since 1969 and have an accquaintance with Mr. Gwynn and Mr. Flannery. I am an avid collector of Padres memorabilia and once owned this card until my mother stumbled upon my stash of cards. I think that you will agree that I fulfill the cv of a reliable witness and can adequate relate what I see to the general public. Sincerely, Rod Richards