Sunday, February 8, 2009

Tony Gwynn - a History (Part 9-16)...

Everybody knows the history and statistics of Tony Gwynn's career. I would like to see who knows the most...

Send an email to me with an interesting story and a brief statistical breakdown of the seasons that correspond to the following cards:

1979 Topps - Tony Gwynn #100

1980 Topps - Tony Gwynn #250

1981 Topps - Tony Gwynn #19

1981 Fleer - Tony Gwynn #17

1981 Donruss - Tony Gwynn #88

1982 Topps - Tony Gwynn #400

1982 Fleer - Tony Gwynn #19

1982 Donruss - Tony Gwynn #75

Don't feel like you have to submit an entry for each card. Send whatever you like to
Thanks for your help.

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