Thursday, February 19, 2009

Fantasy Baseball Draft #1...

Every year I get a couple of autopick fantasy baseball teams on Yahoo!. I am in a couple of leagues already, so I decided to only get one this year. I did some minor adjustments to the pre-draft rankings, and let the mighty Yahoo! computers pick my team for me. I was picked to draft second. Hanley Ramirez was taken with the first pick. Here's what I got:

1. (2) José Reyes
Getting the second pick in an autopick draft is always good. You know that you'll get a good player, and sometimes you get a nut that ranks his favorite player first. A couple of years ago I got Albert Pujols with the fifth pick because the #1 spot took Derek Jeter and #4 took Jason Giambi. José sets me up for stolen bases, runs, and batting average. He's got enough power that he can help me with HRs too. (Good Pick)

2. (23) Lance Berkman
It is a long time between picks when you pick at the top of the draft. You can always get a top player in the 2nd round. Berkman was a reach here. Yahoo! ranks him too high based on his 18 stolen bases last year... I'll be happy if he breaks double digits this year. I see him as more of a mid-third round pick. (Slight Reach)

3. (26) Carlos Beltrán
Only a couple picks between my #2 and #3. This was probably the same choice I would have made if I was drafting live. Carl Crawford was still available, and one of these years he's gonna hit more homeruns. Carlos is the safer pick here. (Good Pick)

4. (47) Aramis Ramírez
Aramis is consistant, and I needed a 3B. This is the spot where I normally pick the best available bat. If I were drafting live, I probably would have gone with Alexei Ramirez instead of Aramis here. Second base is harder to fill than third. Ryan Zimmerman will be available three rounds from now. (Passable)

5. (50) Russell Martin
I would have taken Jake Peavy here to anchor my pitching staff. I would have regretted the pick the second he gets traded from my Padres. I could have picked Victor Martinez in either of the next two rounds. As much as it pains me to say it about a Dodger... (Good Pick)

6. (71) Hunter Pence
He is probably the best outfielder left on the board at this point. If I would have gone with an outfielder last round and waited for a different catcher, I could have upgraded to Dunn, McLouth, Rios, or Granderson. It wouldn't have been that big an upgrade though. (Passable)

7. (74) Magglio Ordóñez
Not too happy with this pick. He had a great season in '07, which inflated his rankings in '08. I think that I could have got comparable stats in later rounds. Luckily, there's a Tigers fan in the league. I am not one of those guys that will offer him an uneven trade knowing that he really wants Maggs. I am currently asking for Matt Kemp... I hate the Dodgers, but I hope he bites on the trade proposal. (Poor Pick)

8. (95) Ryan Doumit
Aaaaugh!!! I would never take another catcher at this point! Doumit is a good player, but not well-known enough to make for good trade bait... I'll be covered if Martin gets hurt, but pissed if he remains healthy all season. (Bad Pick)

9. (98) Howie Kendrick
I would have been happy with this pick two years ago, when there was potential for a breakout season. He hasn't done much to impress me... yet. He was more useful when he had 1B elligibility. (Passable)

10. (119) Carlos Mármol
A little early for me to take a closer. I prefer to poach saves from the waiver wire in Public Leagues. (Passable)

11. (122) Matt Cain
Good pitcher. Hopefully the Giants win more when he pitches (against teams other than my Padres.) (Passable)

12. (143) Chris Young
Can't complain about getting a Padre. If he stays healthy, this will be a great pick. (Good- Read:Padres- Pick)

13. (146) Brian Fuentes
Passable closer on a good team. This pick could work out well. I still prefer waiting until the "up for grabs" closer jobs get sorted out closer to the end of spring training (Passable)

14. (167) Erik Bedard
Injured pitcher on a bad team. If he gets healthy, he won't hurt me at this pick. I would have been happier with this pick about three rounds later. (Reach)

15. (170) Johnny Cueto
Hopefully he will break through after a rough end to his rookie season. Even if he doesn't improve, he'll be one of the anchors of my staff. (Passable)

16. (191) Hong-Chih Kuo
I prefer taking middle relievers in the last couple of rounds. For my fantasy team, I hope Broxton flounders as the closer for the Dodgers. In the real world, I hope the entire Dodgers pitching staff falls apart. (Reach)

17. (194) Carlos Delgado
He struggled early last year, but was MVP calliber for a good majority of the year. Because I have two catchers, my DH/Utility spot fell to me in the 17th round. (Good Pick)

18. (215) Adam Lind
If I am picking for potential this year, I am grabbing Travis Snider. Lind is gonna hit. Hopefully, he hits early and I can trade him for a decent second baseman. (Passable)

19. (218) Paul Konerko
Um, I can't play three first basemen... I would have taken another pitcher here. (Bad Pick)

20. (239) Oliver Pérez
It is an odd-numbered year, so Ollie's gonna have a good year. He had more wins than any of my other pitchers last year. I own a game-used, autographed jersey from his rookie year with the Padres. Gotta say... (Good Pick)

21. (242) John Smoltz
Usually not a bad pick to take a veteran pitcher with your last pick in a draft. I usually prefer to pick a prospect here. It rarely works for me, I guess Yahoo! knows best. (Passable)


steveisjewish said...

yikes - that was pretty brutal

dayf said...

Not too bad. The good thing about autopick drafts is usually everybody gets screwed somewhere so there's plenty of trade opportunities and waiver wire gems. Doumit may have been picked a little high, but you have to have two decent catchers.

Don't expect to see Smoltzie anytime soon though.

Anonymous said...

Doumit qualifies as an outfielder as well, should have a nice season. Too high though 9th round. Getting Cain in the 11th is a steal. Fuentes will be fine as a closer.

Goose Joak said...

That actually is a pretty good draft. Getting Beltran in the third is a coup. Same with Fuentes in the 13th, my goodness.

Pence...ehh...I'm not wild about. Doumit in the eighth isn't ridiculous from a value standpoint at least and gives you trade value with him or Martin.

A little short on depth (which happens with autodrafts) but you are in a pretty good spot, really.