Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Playing Catch-Up... AKA Getting Organized...

I have been VERY neglectful in my collecting/trading life...
Several kind readers out there have been very generous in their mailings to me. I have not been the best card/pen-pal out there.
I owe some people some packages ASAP. I promise to get on it. Really.
I am compiling gifts for Rod from Padrographs (I am working on the back of the Hayhurst card, too) and jackplumstead of The Pursuit of '80s(ness) and hope to have them shipped out this week.
I am sorely behind (read: pain in the ass) on my card gifts from Christmastime... Those are coming... If you have not yet seen yours, please drop me a reminder email.
Travis Peterson
Delayed Promise Division
PunkRockPaint, Inc.
Here are a couple of the completed card gifts to whet your appetitie (or empty your stomach contents.)
1983 Topps - #324 Steve Gierman

1978 Topps - #793 Jim Hall (front)

1978 Topps - #793 Jim Hall (back)


Rod (Padrographs) said...

I printed out some of the front and glued one to the David Wright stay in school card and one to a white decoy card and sent them to Dirk to sign, he got them and is signing them. I will send you one when I get them back.

capewood said...

You're going to make Steve very happy.

--David said...

No worries on being behind! You will always know one person is further behind than you, so just tell yourself, "At least I'm not as far behind as Tribecards!" :-)

Steve Gierman said...

Everybody seems to be catching up lately. I was happy when I received this card in my e-mail and posted it on my site. I am deliriously happy that it gets to appear here!

gcrl said...

thanks travis. no worries about delay as we all are in the same boat pretty much. by the way, all of your stuff is muchas awesome-as. that paige card is fantastic.