Wednesday, December 24, 2008

My Gift to You...

Aside from not posting for a week, my gift to you is the gift of cards...

For anyone new to this blog: I make cards. It is not a profession, merely a hobby. Some people have gone so far as to say:

"You're killin' me!"

"This one looks really good!"

"Aww yeah... That's the stuff right there."

"Great card. Watched a Charlie Brown Christmas with my daughter last night."

"We watched Charlie Brown the other night too. Wonderful card, thanks for posting it."

"Nicely done."

"i like your blog......" (possibly sent by robot, but appreciated nonetheless.)

"That is a very cool card. Keep up the great work."

"that is awesome."

And who could forget...

"This post has been removed by a blog administrator."

You folks have said such nice things, I would love the opportunity to return the favor (via cardboard.)

If you email me a picture, I will make a card of YOU!!! Send your picture (bigger the better) along with your name, any applicable statistics, favorite team, favorite card set, etc. to punkrockpaint @ gmail dot com.

If you drop me your mailing address, I will even send you a hard copy.

I wish the happiest of holidays to you and yours...

PS- if you send me an event used item in the mail, I will be happy to embed it into your card like these "fine" examples:
Please don't send anything "dirty" in the mail. If I don't want to touch it... I won't put it in your card.

If you need my address, email me...


Anonymous said...

you are generous and amazing. have a wonderful christmas. p&l

gcrl said...

this is awesome. thanks and merry christmas.

tamtrangkentam said...

chinh phuong phap tam trang de lan da thai doc thuong xuyen so huu kha nhieu su tin yeu cua quy khach hang lam cho day bien thanh 1 trong cac san pham khong the thieu trong sinh hoat thuong ngay cua tat ca moi nguoi.